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10 Ways Paytia's Pay729™ Platform Will Turbocharge Your Sales

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Increase Revenue, Protect Your Reputation and Deliver Full PCI Level 1 Compliance

1. Receive and make secure calls anywhere

The Pay729 platform removes the need for you to have to ask your customer to read their card details to you. You do not have to be near a terminal to enter details.

2. Choose your own encrypted sales number

Use a secure encrypted phone number for your sales and divert it to wherever you want to take calls. Or port your current number to enable it to take credit card sales.

3. Divert inbound sales calls to any number

The Pay729™ platform allows you to control which telephone number calls are diverted to when customers call your Pay729™ secure payment number.

4. Accepts all credit card types

The Pay729™ platform allows you to process all card types authorised by the payment provider associated to your secure payment account.

5. No need for POS machines or card readers

With a Pay729™ secure payment telephone number, all you need is a telephone handset to take customer not present payments.

6. Fully PCI compliant and secured by the worlds biggest payment vendors

Paytia Pay729™ platform has it's ROC (Report on Compliance) registered with Visa as a member agent on an annual basis and is certified by an External QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider status.

7. Money paid to your account with no delay

All transactions are processed in real-time and registered to your service provider who then pays the money into your bank.

8. Record agent ID and Department Number

Collect and identify which employee took a customer payment by associating an ID number to the employee.

9. No more PCI non-compliant charges added to your bill

With the Pay729™ platform you no longer access, store, transmit, receive, cardholder data when taking telephone payments. Therefore, a non-compliance charge for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments does not apply and will not be enforced. This can be verified with your payment service provider.

10. Happy customers mean repeat Business

No one likes giving their card details over the phone customers card details are protected and you are seen as going the extra step in offering a secure payment service.