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Paytia Pay729: Your Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need to take a credit or debit card payment over a telephone call and you want to make sure you protect your customer's card details but don’t want to put yourself in the position where you are accused of losing their details, then Paytia’s virtual assistant is the quick, easy and secure answer.

1. Am I able to use an existing phone number with Pay729 or will I need to be assigned a new phone number?

Pay729 supports Local Number Portability (LNP) which allows customers to migrate their existing numbers to Paytia. Optionally, customers may also choose to have Paytia provision new local phone numbers. ( numbers available in 52 countries)

2. Can you make an emergency (911) call and does it support Enhanced E911 services?

Yes, Pay729 does not use VoIP and supports emergency calling within all the areas it operates

3. Using Pay729 when calling out, is there the ability to show up on caller ID as our company name?

Yes, Pay729 supports the ability to customize the Caller ID (phone number) presented to the person you are trying to reach. Users may select their own personal DID, a company's main number, or even another user’s phone number if that privilege has been appropriately delegated.

4. What security is available today with Pay729?

Paytia and your calls are protected with end-to-end encryption. Paytia is also a Level 1 ( the highest ) PCI DSS provider 

5. What calling plans are offered for Pay729?

Pay 729 offers three different plans depending how you use the service based on minutes usage form 50 mins per month for the pro service all the way up to Unlimited Usage. Monthly accounts do not involve a contact and you can cancel anytime.  

6. So how does 729 collect my Credit Card information?

Dialling 729 in the call on your keyboard wakes up your virtual assistant. The assistant is ready to talk to you and your customer through taking the payment just by using your telephone keypad to enter the payment information. You know what needs to be charged and your customer knows their credit card details. Your virtual assistant ensures you can both still talk to each other, but that all payment information is securely collected from your customer using their telephone keypad.

7. What happens when a customer calls my sales number?

When your customer calls your number it is received on the Paytia secure platform where we transfer the call your specified contact number. You answer the call as normal. When you need to activate your virtual assistant you type your 729 activation code and both you and your customer are welcomed to the secure payment system where you are then verbally guided through making the payment.

8. What if I need to call a customer?

If you need to call your customer and are calling from one of your registered telephone numbers’ we will know it is you calling and you will be greeted and asked to enter your customer's telephone number. We will then connect you to your customer. If you need to take the payment you dial 729 and your virtual assistant wakes up and guides you through collecting the payment.

9. How do I get paid and is there any delay?

There is no delay in transferring your funds to your selected payment provider Paytia automatically and securely transfers your money to your chosen payment provider who we have agreements with. 

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