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card payment over the phone

2 min read

5 payment types for card payment over the phone

The types of transactions that require a phone conversation between buyer and seller often involve more than a single one-time payment. For example:

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Take payment on the phone

4 min read

Credit card payments over the phone laws: security considerations

Five years ago you could be forgiven for thinking that the use of the phone for engaging with customers was dead - a relic of the pre-e-commerce era. 

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5 min read

6 ways of taking card payments over the phone safely

Ecommerce liberated buyers giving them convenience and power to avoid pushy sellers. And yet even tech-savvy consumers have fallen back in love with...

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Card payment over the phone

4 min read

How to accept credit card payments over the phone: 5 Benefits

Today, businesses can take card payments in almost every retail setting. POS systems, in-app purchases, and mobile gift cards let you take plastic...

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