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payment by phone

7 min read

How to take a card payment on the phone and increase revenue

Businesses have always recognised the positive contribution that customer service can make to their success. Some of the biggest brands in the world...

2 min read

How to prevent customer payment calls dropping off

The situation where a customer changes their mind midway through a telephone purchase is called a drop-off.   The most likely cause is when a...

2 min read

Compliance with GDPR When Taking Payment Over the Phone

Under the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), largely drafted by British civil servants, a right to privacy was conferred on all...


2 min read

Taking Credit Card Payments Over The Phone Regulations UK

With the rapid growth of online retailing, we've seen an accompanying increase in the resourcefulness and ingenuity of criminals. Our credit card...

2 min read

How to Take Credit Card Payments by Phone

It's such a common practice that we scarcely think about the mechanics of the process or the complexity of the regulations that govern it.The Rise of...