Can Paytia work with my payment gateway?

How would we integrate Paytia into the payment gateway we already use?

Paytia tries to create integrated solutions for mainstream payment gateways but given there are thousands of payment gateways we could connect to Paytia will review additional payment gateways in-line with customer requests.

What is really helpful is for you as the customer to introduce Paytia to your payment gateway. This speeds up the process when we discuss our service and the integration we must carry out to onboard a new payment gateway with the Paytia secure payment service.

If it is easier we have created a template you can send to your payment gateway to allow us to speak with them.

E-mail to send

Just replace the values in the brackets before you send it on.


Hi {X},

We are currently working on a project to make our payment processes more secure. We want to remove the requirement for our agents to process telephone orders without our customers needing to disclose their payment card details over the call.

We have chosen Paytia to deliver this service for us into {xxxxxx} payment gateway.

Please can you take this as authority from my company {xxxxxx} to speak to Paytia on our behalf to allow them to investigate what would be required to onboard your gateway with their secure telephone payment service. 


Kind regards,

[Your name]