Data privacy

Q&A regarding data privacy between Paytia and its merchant/transactions

This article outlines varied questions and answers regarding data privacy between Paytia and its merchant/transactions.

It covers the following:



Except of the data transfer to the AWS in Ireland – Is Paytia transferring data to and other countries? If so, which countries and why is data transferred to them?

No data is just stored in Ireland currently. We may expand to regional storage in line with account preferences as we move forward, but it would be a choice of location per account.

Unique ID

What is that? 

This is a unique identifier for the transaction processed it links the payment processed transaction through to the Worldpay system.

Why is it stored?

It is stored for cross checking with the payment provider allowing end to end visibility of the processed transaction.


What is that?

This the unique identifier of the telephone call that was active at the point of payment.

Why is it stored?

It is stored to allow cross checking between telephony and the transaction.

Reference number

What is that?

This is the reference number passed to Paytia for the transaction processed.

Why is it stored?

This is stored to allow invoice/order reconciliation against payment received.

Account number

What is that?

This is a field Paytia customers can use to push additional information through to the payment provider.

Why is it stored?

It is stored to allow reconciliation of the customers account record to the transaction.

Telephone number

Why are you storing the telephone number?

We store the telephone numbers as it provides additional cross reference point for merchants to identify the customer that was on the call. We are storing it in order to have proof of which telephone number specific payments have been successfully completed. It is not used in any other way currently.