How do I add my own email service to send payment links?

Add your own email account to send STMP emails out to customers.

If you want to have Paytia use your own business domain when sending payment links you can configure your SMTP email account from the Paytia merchant portal, Settings menu.



(note: Dedicated email server access is a licence available as an addon from Paytia).

Settings page

Set the email address customer's will receive requests from

Send a test email to * This is the email address where the test email should be sent. Paytia expects to get a confirmed delivery for the service to be activated as live.
Hostname * This is the SMTP email server address Paytia will log on to as the account details provided.
Port * This is the email port you wish Paytia to connect to when logging on to send emails.
Username * This is the email address (username) you wish Paytia to use when logging into the email server to send SMTP emails.
Password * This is the password for the username.
Security protocol * This is the email protocol paytia will use when connecting to the port.


When you are happy with the settings you have entered you can press the 'Save & Test Details' button


to have Paytia log on to your email server and send emails as your domain name.