How do I assign different payment types to my users?

Allowing users to take different payment types in the Secure Virtual Terminal.

Payment types are available for different payment gateway partners Paytia is integrated with.

They do vary from gateway to gateway but generally cover.

1. Immediate charge - a payment being processed in real-time between the user and the cardholder (customer).

2. Reserve - this is also called pre-auth. It allows the user to place a shadow charge on the payment card but doesn't deduct the money until the reserve is finalised later on. This is great for deposits or taking payment as goods are shipped. Usually, the reserve will not last longer than between 3 and 30 days, depending on the payment gateway that is being used on your Paytia account.

3. Validation - this validates the card will support a charge up to a certain value. It doesn't place any reserve on the card but does return a transaction ID which allows the Paytia user to collect part or full payment from the card within 30 - 90 days.

4. Recurring payments - Paytia provides the user with the ability to set up repeat payment deductions from the customer's card. The payment schedule and recurrence can be set by the user at the point of card capture.

5. Capture - Paytia will simply capture the card details and will ask the payment gateway to tokenized them so they can be stored on file and charged again on a payment schedule. This is great for businesses who need a secure way to capture their customer's card details or to replace an existing stored payment card, but without their users being exposed to hearing the card details.


Setting up user access to payment types requires two things on the Paytia platform.

a) The correct payment licence pack. If you're unsure please speak to our support team at 

b) Editing your users in the Paytia admin portal and assigning them the rights to a payment type. By default we allow all users to process all payment types you have licences activated for.


a) Licences 

The Paytia platform activates services through the assignment of user and feature licences. This allows our partners and customers to be very specific about the services they take to suit their business needs. A licence can be purchased with the package you sign up for or as an add-on that is selected from your Paytia administrator logon.

b) User rights

You can access the user settings from the 'Administer users' menu and then the 'Users' submenu.

Or from this link once you are logged into the Paytia administration platform as your admin user profile.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see your list of user accounts.

Move the scroll bar over to the far right

and you will see the green button with the right arrow bracket symbol on it

Click this button to access the user rights assignment.

You can now set the features an individual user can access. These are split into two sections. 

The 'Assign rights menu' - this sets the menu views a user will see in the virtual terminal.

Section 2 - Assign user rights

This control features the user account can use in Paytia user interfaces like the Secure Virtual terminal.


No tick disables the service or licence access.

A ticked box enables the feature or licence access.

If you untick payment features that are not relevant to the payments your users process they will not see them as available payment types in the Secure Virtual Terminal Screen.

In the secure virtual terminal the user would see a dropdown for payment type and all the available payment types they have been granted access to.

As an example, if you only wanted users to take reserve payment types. You would untick all the boxes other than 'Set a reserve charge on the customer's card'

This will then show the Secure Virtual Terminal as only Reserve payments available.