How do I assign different payment types to my users?

Paytia enables users to take multiple types of payments. This article explains how to configure your user accounts to enable this, and how users take payments after a call using Secure Virtual Terminal

The types of payments that are supported by Paytia varies by payment provider and the features they make available via their APIs.

Paytia aims to support as many payment types as possible: instant , reserve, validate and recurring payments, and card capture only. These are explained in detail in this article.

Enabling your users to take multiple payment types requires two things:

  1. Having the correct payment-license pack set up on your account. If you think this has not been installed, please contact our support team at 
  2. Ensuring your users have been assigned the necessary rights assigned to them. By default we enable all users to process all payment types for which licenses are active at the time the user was set up on Paytia.

Adding licenses 

The Paytia platform activates services through the assignment of user and feature licenses. This allows our partners and customers to be very specific about the services they take to suit their business needs.

A license is either installed in the package that you were provided initially, or added to the package later and then installed by you as an add-on.

Again, if the features you want are unavailable please contact

Extending user rights

Assuming the appropriate license has been installed on your account, you can add payment-type features to your users' configuration as follows:

  1. Access the user settings from the 'Administer users' menu and then the 'Users' submenu

    Or from this link once you are logged into the Paytia administration platform as your admin user profile.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see your list of user accounts
  3. Move the scroll bar over to the far right where you will see the green button with the right arrow bracket symbol on it.


  4. Click this button to access the user rights assignment. You can now set the features an individual user can access. These are split into two sections:

The Assign-rights menu

This determines what pages or views a user cam see in Secure Virtual Terminal.

The Assign-user rights menu

This control what types of payments a user can take.

In this case, the payment-type drop-down would look like this:

If you untick payment features that are not relevant to the payments your users process they will not see them as available payment types in the payment-type drop-down on their Secure Virtual Terminal screen.

For example, if you only wanted users to take reserves, you would untick all the boxes other than 'Set a reserve charge on the customer's card'

Taking a non-immediate payment

If a user is taking anything other than an immediate payment — i.e. a reserve, validate or recurring payments, or card capture only — they can take a corresponding payment after the call by going to the lefthand menu and selecting "Transaction list".

There, they will see a list of the payments — or card captures. By clicking the green button they can then complete a corresponding payment.