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How do I take recurring payments?

This article explains how you can take recurring payments securely during calls using Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal

In this article we explain the following:


To use Paytia to take payments you must be logged in.

Beginning a payment

Once logged in, you should see the merchant portal, click the User switch on the top left-hand side of the screen. 

Once you have switched to the user profile, you can take a payment through our Secure Virtual Terminal, starting off by entering the details of your customer in the page just like shown in the image below.  

Once you have entered most of the customers details, you can choose what type of payment you wish to make, this is where you will see recurring payments. To use recurring payments click the option labelled Setup a recurring payment schedule.

You should see a recurring payment pop-up in which you can now enter the details of the recurring payment you are about to setup with the customer.

(When details are entered, it should look like the image below)


Recurring payment options

Start date - The date you wish the first authorized payment to be taken


End date - The cut-off date after which no payment will be taken.

(NOTE: the end-date can be set as any date. i.e. it takes no account of recurring-payment due dates. Always ensure that the end date set is always after the final subscription.)


Recurring pattern - Choose the pattern of either Daily/Weekly/Monthly you wish the recurring payments to be taken


Payment occurs every - The time it takes between each recurring payment  (Days/Weeks/Months)


Subscription amount - The amount that will be taken from each recurring payment


Recurring detail

Once you have finalised what your recurring payment options will be, click the Submit button on the bottom of the page.

After clicking the Submit button, a pop-up window will show you the recurring details you have just entered, you can use this as a confirmation with the customer you are on the call with.

Taking an immediate payment at the same time

Once you are finished with the recurring payment schedule, you then have the option to take an immediate payment. Otherwise leave as zero.

You are now ready to take a secure payment.

Reviewing completed recurring payments

Administrators and users can view recurring payments in their transaction list.

To view transactions go to the left-hand menu and select Transaction list. (For admins it's under Reports and alerts)

Click on the plus button to see a schedule of payments within a recurring payment plan,

Paytia transaction list

Customer notifications

By clicking on the Send customer receipt you will send details of the recurring payment to your customer.

Internal notifications

Internal alerts will look like this:

merchant notification of recurring payment-1