How do I test what telephone number I am calling Paytia from?

Checking the telephone number your business presents to customers when calling outbound

We suggest that you place a telephone call to a mobile phone so you can see what telephone number your business is presenting when it makes calls out.

  1. Go to the telephone or soft phone you make customer calls from.
  2. Call your mobile telephone number.
  3. Make a note of the telephone number that shows up on your mobile telephone screen.
  4. Check this is a trusted telephone number on the Paytia service.

Sometimes changes are made, and the outbound presentation number customers see you calling from can be changed. Paytia uses the telephone number you called in to your Paytia secure payment number from as the number we present out to your customers. We also use the telephone number you are calling from to identify you as the trusted employee allowed to make calls out using your companies Paytia account.

If you have any other queries, read our: for further assistance in inbound and outbound calling.