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Our Secure Cloud Payment Solutions Are Certified To The Highest Levels Of Security. Globally Accessible, Scalable & Reliable PCI Software That Protects Personal Data. Protect Your Business. Secure Customer Data.

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Essentials Professional Enterprise
Billed monthly
per user/per mo

per user/per mo

All the essential features for secure and simple payment processing.
Our most popular package ideal for businesses seeking advanced productivity tools.
For enterprises seeking customised configurations
Included minutes
* Unlimited minutes is subject to Fair Usage Policy. SIP connection Enterprise only.
Process payments direct into your Stripe payment gateway
All payments paid directly into your Stripe accounts manage refunds and other details as normal.
Select your preferred telephone number for inbound calls
Choose a selection of telephone numbers that suit your location
Define what number customers see when you call
Choose what number customers see on their phone when you call: Business line or individual numbers
Forward incoming calls to enable remote working
Change inbound destination numbers and divert calls
Customise voice assistant's gender and language
Track customer-card input and authorisation in real-time
Get instant authorisation while on a call
See a record of calls and transactions completed in your account.
Within your account you will be able to view a record of every transactions and every phone call .
Record customer-account and transaction reference to payment
Secure Virtual Terminal allows you to capture alpha numeric account and reference numbers when taking a payment
Create employee call instructions and scripts
Add a script to prompt your agents while they are on a call with a customer.
Export transaction and call history in CSV or excel format
You can export your transaction and call logs to excel for reconciliation.
Receive daily transaction reports split by department
Every day you will receive transaction reports, detailing all the transactions taken.
Receive real-time transaction alerts
Receive alerts every single time a transaction is processed by your business.
Enable 'whisper' announcements to notify agents of incoming payment call
Two tones will play at the start of a call to signal that a payment wants to be made.
Port existing business number to the service
If you want to use your existing numbers, you can. With Secure Virtual Terminal enterprise we can port in your existing numbers so your customers won't notice a difference.
Use existing contact centre telephony infrastructure
Enterprise benefits from custom developments which will enable your business to use it's existing contact centre infrastructure and take payments securely over the telephone.
Take payments in multiple currencies
Paytia's global platform means your business can take payments over the phone in multiple currencies.
Subscribe to service-event (webhook) notifications
Capture transactions and call data
Embed Secure Virtual Terminal in your business application
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