What format do I type numbers in when calling outbound on Pay729

Making outbound calls on Pay729 with the correct number format and dialing codes

The Pay729 service uses the international standard for telephone number which is called e.164.

To make things easier for our customers we have assumed that if you have an account with us and purchased a US telephone number we will assume you need to call US customer's telephone numbers. If you need to call internationally we assume you will use the international dialling format where you add the international dial code and drop the lead zero on the destination telephone number you are calling.

eg. If you dial 00120XXXXXXXX and then we change this to e.164 i.e +120XXXXXXXX and make the call for you. If you call locally in-country and dial  020XXXXXXXX then we will look at the country of your registered Pay729 telephone number and will change this to  +120XXXXXXXX for you (in this example a US number was active on the account).