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3CX payments by phone


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3CX payments by phone

Secure phone payments made simple

Paytia makes it easy for any business — from sole trader to large enterprise — to take payments securely over the phone. 

By enabling you to better protect your customer’s card details, we help you build customer trust, comply with payment-security and data-protection regulations like PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR avoid transaction charges or fines from your bank and protect your reputation. 

A secure cloud-based service fully integrated with 3CX, Keyphone is effortless to deploy, easy to configure to your specific needs and simple to use


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Paytia support calling from 3CX hosted telephony telephone systems. Paytia will provide a SIP trunk profile allowing 3CX administrators to setup SIP trunk routes that connect to the Paytia secure payment calling service.

Additional phone system support


Paytia is a SIP trunk service provider so can support SIP calling from any telephone system that can make a SIP trunk connection over trusted IP address. Paytia is happy to discuss integration testing with partners and customers looking to utilise the service.

What is SIP?


SIP Trunks as they are termed allow businesses to benefit from a digital connection from their telephone system which allows calls to be made and received over an internet connected or private data service.

Paytia extends the functionality of SIP calling services by also allowing businesses to take secure telephone payments from any extension on their telephone system simply by dialling 7,2,9 on a user’s telephone keypad.

So not only does your business benefit from a robust calling service it has the added benefit that telephone payments can finally be taken in a secure manor without any changes to the telephone system or deploying new software in the business.

SIP as a service

Bring your own carrier


Paytia appreciate that some customers already have a telephone line service provider who host their telephone calls and numbering services. With the Bring your own carrier service Paytia allows businesses to route their calls over the Paytia SIP calling service and onto their existing carrier. This activates the Paytia secure payment service on existing calling services minimising change and adding value to existing telephony services.


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3CX payments by phone

Sip Services


SIP Support


Support for standard SIP or Encrypted SIP services.

New numbers


Access to choose new business telephone numbers 24 hours a day through Paytia’s dedicated management portal.

Secure Payments


Paytia’s secure payment service included on every call.



Bring your own carrier

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Paytia is a Level 1 ( the highest ) Payment Card Industry Data Service

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