Pay729™ is a simple to use payment service which can be invoked on a live telephone call between a merchant and their customer. Using just a phone keypad the Merchant and the customer can transact safely and securely anywhere.

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Pay729™ allows merchants to take payments at any time, anywhere, on any telephone. No need for computers, readers or complicated processes. We bridge the call between the merchant and their customer allowing the core Pay729™ service to be invoked when the merchants choose.

By making or receiving calls on your dedicated Pay729™ number and dialling 729 when you need your customers to enter their card details, you securely and compliantly avoid non-compliance charges from your service provider and respect and secure your customer's credit card details. Once the payment is complete, and while you are on the call you receive instant verbal verification.

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How Pay729™ works

1.  We supply you with a secure telephone number which you choose when you sign up (we have numbers in all areas) or you can port and use your own number. 

2. You choose a telephone number your new number diverts to. This could be the shop, office or mobile if you prefer and can be changed in your personal dashboard

Once you have your Pay729™ account in place using it is simple.  You call your customer or they call you and you speak to them just like any other telephone call. When you need to collect a payment you simply dial 729 on your telephone keypad and Pay729™ joins your call. There is a set of simple instructions which are read out to you and your customer separately which guide you both through what you need to type into your telephone keypad so Pay729™ has everything it needs to collect your payment. 

Check your monthly statement from your service provider?

If you are collecting payments already you will have a service provider whom you pay monthly for a payment terminal. Check your monthly statement to see if you are being charged a “Non-Compliance Fee”. If so, this probably means you are not meeting your obligations to protect your customer card details under the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry—Data Security Standard).


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How will Pay729™ help my business?

Yes, Pay729™ calls can be delivered to a landline or mobile telephone number. When you set up your account you will be asked to enter the telephone number you want to receive payment calls on. 

No Pay729™ just requires that you make and receive calls through your dedicated Pay729™  telephone number. The entire payment is completed over the telephone call. No forms or software required.

No, your Pay729™ number can point to your existing business number. Having a dedicated payment number allows you to ensure business staff have a new dedicated process to take payments. Customers can call your dedicated payment number to experience the extra level of security you have added to ensure their card details are protected.

We would suggest setting up a Pay729™ number that is dedicated to each staff member and associated with their unique mobile telephone number. That way they can make and receive payment calls wherever and whenever they need to and you have access to a record of all payments and payment calls they make by checking our merchant portal.

It depends what the fine is for. If the fine is because you are not able to process telephone payments without asking for your customers card details on the call, then Yes Pay729™ provides you with a secure and PCI-DSS compliant way to collect those payments. With Pay729™ you will now not have to ask your customer to read out the card details on the call. If you don’t hear the card details you can’t be a risk so you meet compliance.

As a Pay729™ merchant, you will have a direct merchant account with one of our chosen payment / acquiring partners. This payment account provides a unique set of credentials we use to pass payments to the acquirer for approval. Once approved the money is taken from your customer’s card and transferred to your account.

What Our Customers Say

Paytia has enabled the business to solve the final piece of our PCI-DSS compliance protection by removing any access to payment card data from our business when taking telephone payments. We have also been able to reduce the amount of time it takes our accounts department when dealing with reconciliation and payment queries.

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