POSfone - Paytia's App

With our simple app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, you can start taking card payments securely on any inbound or outbound calls using a new business telephone number on your existing devices.

How it works

Android-App-Store-logosPOSfone app ( Point Of Sale phone ) for Google Android and Apple IoS devices allows merchants to have a second business telephone number directly on their handset. When customers call your POSfone telephone number, calls are received directly onto the mobile phone and marked as a POSfone call.

Outbound calls are made directly from your phone contacts inside POSfone allowing you to click to dial outbound through the POSfone secure calling platform and to present your POSfone telephone number when calling.

When you need to take a card payment from your customer you simply dial 729 whilst on your POSfone call and the secure payment service guides you and your customer through using your telephone keypads to send sensitive card payment data. There is no longer the risk of card information being heard verbally by either party.


The Paytia mobile app allows a merchant customer to carry out the following actions

  • Update account details (First Name, Last Name; Billing address)
  • Authenticate
  • Change Payment card details and or link to Google / Apple payment eco-system
  • Manage trusted numbers (these are numbers that Paytia trust to make outbound calls)
  • Control find me follow me inbound call delivery numbers and type of calling pattern
  • Control which number to call you at based on proximity to location i.e. office, home or mobile
  • One click outbound calling to your contacts
  • Time of day diverts and plans
  • Transaction report
  • Notifications – missed call, transaction completed results, updates

POSPhone is currently in a beta trial

Thank you for your interest in POSPhone beta trial to apply to join the trial we welcome your feedback! please fill in details below.

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