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Take payments 24/7 with Paytia's Automated Payment IVR

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What are Automated Payments?


Paytia's Automated Payment IVR is ideal for offering your customers an additional layer of contactless payment options. Paytia's Automated Payment IVR integrates seamlessly with your payment processor, and your telephone systems. Your customers will have the freedom to pay when they want.




Need staff to take payments?


Secure Virtual Terminal and Keyphone are perfect for agent assisted payments.
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Benefits of Automated Payments

Payment Collection 24/7

No staff required


Reduced Costs




Payment Gateway


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Improved Customer Experience


The way people pay has been changing. It is now imperative for businesses to offer multiple, flexible options for paying over the telephone.

Paytia's Automated Payment IVR gives customers the convenience of paying when it suits them.

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Secure IVR Payments


IVR payments are far more secure for customers than traditional methods of taking a payment over the phone. With no access to cardholder data, your business will be better protected from the damaging effects of fraud. GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant.

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Seamless integration


We have integrated with some of the worlds biggest payment gateways and telecommunications providers to make your payment journey as easy as possible.


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