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An always on, always available self-service payment capture solution. Automate your phone payment processes to increase efficiency and security, reducing human error and improving customer satisfaction. Automated Phone Payments IVR is PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant.

Secure, Fast, and Automatic Phone Payments


Customers enjoy control and convenience with self-service options, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction.


Reduce manual entry errors with automated systems that guide the customer through secure payment steps.


Enable payments through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, allowing customers to pay bills or purchase services securely and conveniently.


Provide around-the-clock payment options, ensuring customers can make payments anytime without needing live agent interaction.

Why Choose Automated Phone Payments?

Embrace automated phone payments to reduce operational costs, decrease human error, and provide a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Instant Access

Customers gain instant access to payment systems without wait times, providing immediate service.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve overall customer satisfaction with quick, easy, and secure payment options.

Enhanced Security

Automated systems reduce the risk of security breaches with secure data handling and encryption.


Easily scale your payment solutions to handle increased call volumes without additional resources.

Cost Efficiency

Lower operational costs by reducing the need for extensive staff to manage payment processes.

Reduced Workload

Automate routine transactions, freeing up staff to focus on more complex customer service issues.

Voice Recognition

Leverage advanced voice recognition technology to ensure accurate and user-friendly interactions.

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Data Protection

Maintain high standards of data protection with secure and compliant payment processing methods.

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide


Hear It from Our Clients

"We use Paytia for our phone orders to keep credit cards out of our system. The service works flawlessly, the support folks are super responsive and friendly, and it has greatly enhanced our PCI and credit card security."

PHE Inc.


Discover the Paytia Advantage. Our innovative features are designed to help you increase revenue, ensure security and compliance, improve agent and customer experiences, reduce handle time, and lower transaction costs.


Increased Revenue

Paytia increases revenue by making payment processes smooth and integrated within customer interactions. By allowing agents to support customers through the payment process effectively, 


Secure and Compliant

Adhere to the highest standards of data protection, including PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. This ensures that sensitive payment information is processed and transmitted securely. 


Improved Agent Experience

Allow agents to focus more on customer service and less on payment technicalities. Smoother workflows, increased job satisfaction, and improved customer interactions.


Improved Customer Experience

User-friendly, compliant and secure payment solutions lead to improved customer trust and satisfaction

Let's get started

Contact our specialist team to learn how your business may benefit from using any of Paytia's solutions.

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