Chat payment system


Add the ability to take a secure payment directly in a web chat session in compliance with PCI DSS and GDPR. Improve conversion rate by taking payment immediately. 


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Enable agents to take secure  payments in a chat conversation


When a customer begins a web chat with a billing issue, for example, or when an agent successfully upsells a product during the conversation, in-chat payments allow agents to take payments mid-conversation. Everything happens smoothly within the active chat session without having to direct the customer through excess pages and processes.

In-chat payments make the buying experience more pleasurable for customers. There is no channel disruption or navigation of payment pages, and the customer experience is simple, supportive, and conversational. You can boost the human touch of your company by providing better support through chat as a result of this. (And in turn, customer loyalty.)

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Minimise fraud risk


Reduce fraud by removing all cardholder data from your payment systems and business network.

PCI DSS compliance


Remove 96% of the burden of PCI compliance with solutions built specially for remote workers.

Improve customer confidence


Reassure your customers that their data is in safe hands and provide a more secure customer experience.

Super quick to deploy


Get up and running in minutes no matter how many agents you need.

"We highly recommend Paytia to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and PCI fines.”
Craig Nammontri
Total Tiles
“I was able to get Paytia up and running — connected to my telephony and to Stripe, my preferred payment provider, by myself in minutes.”
Trinity Hall
James Adamcheski-Halson
Trinity Hall Cambridge
“Here was a solution that finally ticked all our boxes — and met our bank client’s substantial security and compliance controls.”
Paula Griffiths
International Currency Exchange
"I wanted something that was as simple to set up and use as a virtual terminal or a point-of-sale card reader - but also had the flexibility to adapt as our usage and functionality needs to grow. I'm delighted to say Paytia has achieved exactly that."
Alison Wade
Pinnacle Group

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