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Shipping goods to a fraudulent buyer can be a costly business. If your customer is having difficulties authenticating their address or card details, then Paytia’s Link to Pay can help.

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Enhance customer authentication when it matters


Link to Pay enables you to harness the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) tools offered by payment service providers

An add-on to Secure Virtual Terminal, Link to Pay connects your customers to a payment-authorization page generated by your payment service provider, where they can securely submit card details and perform required authentication steps.

The result:

Your business’s exposure to fraud is minimised

Your customer’s card data remains secure and protected

Your business is compliant with payment-card industry rules (PCI DSS)




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Benefits of Link to Pay



Your business will no longer need to store cardholder data to process a payment.

No Coding Required


Link to Pay is an out the box solution. Get signed up in minutes and take secure payments today.

Send Payment Links


For when your customer cannot pay immediately. Send a payment link so they can pay when it suits them.

Accept all credit cards


Link to Pay accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Payment gateways


Paytia has integrated and partnered with the worlds largest payment gateways. Don't see your gateway? Contact us

Works anywhere


Link to Pay was designed to work wherever you are located. In the office or at home, it doesn't matter to us.


Convenience for you and your customers


This simple self service method of payment allows customers to pay when it is convenient for them. By sending a Link to Pay you massively reduce burdens on your resources and descopes your PCI-DSS compliance requirements.



recurring secure payments by phone

Connected and ready to go 


Link to Pay works with all major payment gateways, enabling you to process payments directly into your merchant account.

Paytia solutions can be used as standalone products or as an integrated, solution add-ons to a growing list of telecoms partners.

For more information about our partners click here.

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