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£23 per user

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All the essential features for simple and secure payment processing



£28 per user

billed annually

For small and medium-sized businesses seeking advanced productivity tools



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Process payments direct into your payment gateway
Select your preferred telephone number for inbound calls
Present employee-specific business number for outbound calls
Forward incoming calls to enable remote working
Define your preferred payment currency
Customise voice assistant's gender and language
Track customer-card input and authorisation in real-time
View transaction and call history
Record customer-account and transaction referrence to payment
Create employee call instructions and scripts
Export transaction and call history in CSV or excel format
Receive daily transaction reports split by department
Receive real-time transaction alerts
Enable 'whisper' announcements to notify agents of incoming payment call
Port existing business number to the service
Use existing contact center telephony infrastructure
Take payments in multiple currencies
Subscribe to service-event (webhook) notifications
Capture transactions and call data
Embed Secure Virtual Terminal in your business application
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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Secure Virtual Terminal accept all credit cards?

Secure Virtual Terminal allows you to process all card types authorised by the payment provider associated with your secure payment account.

Is there any delay in transferring my money?

All transactions are processed in real-time and registered to your service provider who then pays the money into your bank.

Do I have to keep paying PCI non-compliant charges that are added to my bill?

You no longer access, store, transmit, receive, cardholder data when taking telephone payments. Therefore, a non-compliance charge for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments does not apply and will not be enforced. This can be verified with your payment service provider.

Does PCI compliance apply to me?

The PCI DSS refers to any organisation that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder information, irrespective of the size or amount of transactions.

When I use Paytia's products, do I still have to pay a non compliance fee?

Our systems have end-to-end encryption out of the box.  We keep PCI software compliant at no extra price to you. If you use Paytia to process and transmit your card information you do not need to take any measures to comply with PCI when using Paytia and you do not have to pay any PCI compliance charges.

What is a Secure Virtual Terminal?

Secure Virtual Terminal enables card payments to be made during customer calls without your customer having to disclose their payment card details to you or your staff. 

Is my current Virtual Terminal PCI compliant?

Using a traditional Virtual Terminal can be PCI compliant, however your business is still responsible for proving how you have stored and processed cardholder information.

Secure Virtual Terminal takes away over 90% of the PCI DSS obligations a business faces, saving your business time and money.

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