Virtual Terminals for Stripe


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As consumers we are all warned everyday by our banks and the media not to take that risk in disclosing our financial information. Reading card details out over the telephone is seen as a risky business.

Paytia now enables businesses of all sizes to start taking payments over the telephone without their customers having to take the risk in reading out their card details during the telephone call.

Instead of reading out card details customers use their telephone keypad to type in their payment card numbers. Secure Virtual Terminal securely collects those details so payments can be processed.

If you take away the need for card details to be read out to staff members you also remove the extra time and effort annually that businesses have to spend proving the card details they asked for were securely protected.

Why are we different?

We will provide you a dedicated telephone number to use as your payment line so all your payments on that number are secured with the Secure Virtual Terminal. 

We will get your business up and running in under 30 minutes taking secure payments.

We extend our PCI-DSS Level 1 service provider certification to protect your business and ensure you are compliant for telephone payments.



Accepting payments via Secure Virtual Terminal

The ability to identify which member of staff processed which transactions along with tracking, reporting and to automatically email transaction receipts and other notifications to departments and the customer in real-time.  All achieved without any need for any integration into existing systems. 



Step 1

A merchant using Secure Virtual Terminal requests payment. Customers enter payment details via keypad


Step 2

Merchant is notified that the customer is entering their details and there progress. The credit card details are then processed and sent to the payment processor


Step 3

Merchant receives instant authorisation while on the call and is able to complete the transaction or inform the customer of type of refusal

Our Trusted Partners

Protect Your Reputation and Deliver Full PCI Level 1 Compliance


Fully PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider compliant


Secured by the worlds biggest payment vendors


No more PCI non-compliant fines added to your bill


Record agent ID and Department Number


Accepts all credit card types 

What our customers say

I currently use Stripe and they recommended Paytia as a strong company to do business with in order to facilitate taking secure orders with a customer over the phone.