Enabling a Telco partner to integrate into their own voice networking systems

Paytia Telco API Case Study




The Objectives

To enable a telco partner to integrate into their own voice networking systems, use their own customer telephone numbers and call flows without the risk of relaying all telephone calls externally. Providing the ability to use and resell the Paytia self-service driven value add telephone payment protection service.


Enable a secure payment service that was built into their Digi-desktop Omini-Channel call centre application


Work as a value add service for existing customer telephone numbers


Require a third party call out to the Paytia the platform only when a merchant triggers a payment request


Offer customers a service they could take as an upsell to their current service


Add value to customers so they were less likely to move to another provide


Start selling immediately by utilising the Pay729™ self-service platform

The Solution

Paytia provided access to their “Payment on Demand API” allowing our partner to build all the secure payments screens into their existing Onmi-Channel call centre application.

Users of the solution were then able to press a button on their agent console whilst on the phone call with their customer. The API allowed a unique ID to be passed to the secure virtual terminal which was used to automatically correlate the payment leg of the telephone call allowing the agent to instantly start the payment process and to improve agent handling times for payment processing. Cardholders were guided audibly through entering their payment card information using their own telephone keypad. All sensitive card data was captured and stopped at the Paytia service ensuring the Telcos customer (the merchant) no longer heard or processed the card data themselves

Simple Integration

The integration delivered was a combination of a SIP telephone trunk connection between platforms and a set of API and webhook services allowing call and call control information to be exchanged ensuring a seamless user experience for both cardholder and the call centre agent.

To further enhance the offering our telco partner made use of the Paytia Virtual Terminal solution as an upsell product to resellers and direct customers who had simple telephone number call routing services but wanted to add secure telephone payments to their portfolio of businesses.

References available on request

We originally looked at making our entire platform PCI Level 1 certified and found the cost too prohibitive. Paytia have worked closely with us to provide secure payment services that we can use across multiple telephony routes we maintain and services we sell enabling us to provide an essential value add payment solution to our channel partners without the excess workload and complexity PCI Level 1 certification required.

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