Paytia Telco and Call Centre Pricing using API Connect

Paytia's telco and call centre API connect products are for telecoms companies or call centres, enabling them to add full compliant card payment services without the need to become PCI-DSS compliant themselves. Paytia takes on the outsourced responsibility for maintaining PCI-DSS Level 1 Service provider status.

Use of existing carrier telephone numbers*
No charge for call mins**
Payments using the telephone handset or secure virtual terminal
Full log of all telephone calls made and received
Purchase transaction logging
Receive immediate transaction alerts by email
Receive a daily transaction report per department
API and webhooks
Multi-currency support
Custom reporting
Custom development

Looking for more?

If you are looking for more features for your business, our flexible range of services allow us to integrate with your existing tools and equipment without the need to implement expensive and complicated new systems, no matter the size of your business

Woman using payment by phone app


With Paytia's payment by phone app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, you can start taking card payments securely on any inbound or outbound calls using a new business telephone number on your existing devices.

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Secure Virtual Terminal

Paytia's payment by phone secure online web form allows your staff to accept payments by phone during a call while the user simply enters their details using their telephone handset. The payments are all processed without ever displaying the sensitive data to your staff.

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Telco and Call Centre API Integration

Integrate payment by phone services into existing applications and hardware, enable customers to enter payment details using their telephone handset, without any need to change phone numbers.

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Data Security

Paytia takes data protection seriously, as part of its corporate responsibility. Paytia holds Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and is fully complying with GDPR.