Secure Virtual Terminal Case Study

Kindly supplied by Craig Nammontri - Total Tiles, Ipswich



In March 2020 due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, workforces across the country suddenly found themselves being forced to work from home - the exception being key work industries.

Total Tiles was established in 2006, they are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of porcelain and ceramic tiles, supplying both online, direct to customers and from their retail showrooms.

They deliver to the whole of the UK from their 55,000 sq ft² national distribution centre, based in Ipswich.

Total Tiles have a hugely experienced team who have amassed over 110 years of combined industry
experience, enabling them to offer unrivalled technical support and advice. Over the years they have built a strong reputation for caring for their clients, providing excellent customer service and support along with the most competitive prices available online.

When the pandemic hit, Total Tiles immediately identified the need for a secure online payment processing solution where credit card details would not be exposed during a call, whilst the customer support teams worked from home. The alternative was to potentially jeopardize the current and future phone-based sales and the stability of this successful business. This could only continue if their staff could securely process telephone-based customer payments after the company took the decision for the teams to work from home during this period. They needed to ensure that these transactions would be both secure, protected from any potential data breach, and meet their PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance obligations.

Objectives of the project

Total Tiles had two key objectives 1. Security, 2. Speed - and a number of key feature requirements.

The most urgent requirement was for customer-facing staff, who were now working from home during the pandemic, to be able to accept and process credit and debit card payments over the telephone. It was critical that this be available within days to ensure minimal interruption to their business operations, allowing them to continue within a safe and secure processing environment.

Paytia was the only company that could meet their requirements. The customer would not have to read out their credit card details to the agent working from home. Another huge benefit to the business was from the order being placed to transactions being processed took only three days! This was a fantastic achievement. A unique solution and implemented extremely quickly

Additional Feature Requirements

The service must deliver 100% compliance against both their GDPR and PCI obligations for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order). Total Tiles also required the ability to identify which member of staff processed which transactions, along with tracking, stock control, reporting, and the ability to automatically email transaction receipts and other notifications to departments and the customer in real-time. This was achieved without the need for any integration into their existing systems.

The service had to be set up rapidly, be extremely user friendly and have the ability to give their clients the assurance that their private card data was being handled securely. The solution also had to guarantee that it did not slow down the process of taking payments by telephone.

When choosing a PSP, Total Tiles needed to know that their PSP would provide the exceptional levels of customer service that their customers benefited from. Of paramount importance also, the solution must be a highly resilient and flexible platform.

They are only too aware of how quickly brand damage can escalate if there were to be problems with payment processing, data breaches or other security issues. Not solely loss of sales but long term reputational damage. The combination of Sagepay’s excellent levels of technical delivery, and ongoing customer care, combined with the key deliverables of the Paytia solution providing total PCI compliance, and flexible working proved to be a winning combination.

How was it achieved?

Paytia, a specialist telephone payment provider, delivered a Secure Virtual Terminal (SVT) within three days from receiving the order. This cloud-based global service enables customers to make payments over the phone using just their keyboards to enter confidential credit card details, therefore removing any data from the transaction, enabling full protection and full PCI compliance for both customer and merchants no matter where they are based. By taking the credit card data out of the transaction and reducing any abuse or misuse or fraudulent activity. This proved to be a winning combination for Total Tiles. Paytia is the only company who can offer this unique solution.

What the customer said

‘We were introduced to Paytia by Sagepay. During our initial discussion, we explained our absolute needs, they both understood our requirements and the urgency of the project. We received our proposal on Wednesday 25th March, the day after our initial conversation. We were pleasantly surprised by both the low set up costs, ongoing charges and the speed with which the solution would be live. Most importantly our customers no longer have to read out their credit card data over the phone. We placed our order the same day. When I received our account set up instructions I had one or two questions, we found their support team to be very efficient (Even responding over the weekend prior to going live on Monday 30th March, three days after placing our order). Our staff required minimal or no training, depending on their skill base, and have found the service to be both simple and intuitive to use. We are also extremely pleased to report that our customers have had no issues and are very happy using the service.

We would highly recommend this product to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst completely removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and the potential of PCI fines. This service also promises to reduce dramatically the administration overheads of our PCI DSS reporting annually’.


Like Total Tiles, would your company benefit from being able to take credit card payments over the telephone - without the need for the customer to read out their confidential details?

NO integration required - Quick - Easy to implement - Low cost solution - FULLY PCI DSS compliant

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