Secure Virtual Payment Terminal

A secure virtual terminal enables payments via a computer screen without disclosing the credit card details.

What is a secure virtual terminal?



A secure virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal—it allows you to automatically process payments right from a web browser but without the cardholder needing to disclose their payment card details verbally over the telephone.

The Secure Virtual Terminal allows staff members taking payments to enter more detailed business information such as name and address information along with the transaction reference and account numbers for greater flexibility.

You no longer need to ask customers to read you their card details when you take a "customer not present" card payment. You receive instant verification on the call that the card has been authorised and your money is paid into your bank account by your chosen payment provider.


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We already take payments using a virtual payment terminal so why is a secure virtual payment terminal different?







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The Secure Virtual Terminal Payment Process


A call with your customer is established using your Paytia secure payment telephone number.


The merchant fills in the Secure Virtual Terminal payment web form. Then dials 729 on their phone keypad.


The customer uses their telephone keypad to enter credit card details instead of reading them out on a call.


The Secure Virtual Terminal processes the payment and confirms the outcome to the merchant and customer.


The Secure Virtual Terminal reconnects the call so the customer and the merchant can speak again.


Now your customers, staff and business have been protected from potential fraud.

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What Our Customers Say

Paytia have allowed us to remove the risk to agents handling payment card data and made it simpler to evidence the process for our FCA and GDPR reporting where payments are concerned. The Virtual Terminal application has simplified the process of collecting payments without the need for us to change our systems or telephone service.

An FCA Regulated Load Management Company
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Data Security

Paytia takes data protection seriously, as part of its corporate responsibility. Paytia holds Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and is fully complying with GDPR.