Secure Virtual Terminal Pricing and Features

The Paytia Virtual Terminal allows a business to carry out exactly the same payment as a un-secure virtual payment terminal but WITHOUT the cardholder needing to disclose their payment card details verbally over the telephone. Instead, a Paytia secure virtual terminal allows your customer to use their telephone keypad to enter the card details during the call.

What is a secure virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal—it allows you to automatically process payments right from a web browser but without the cardholder needing to disclose their payment card details verbally over the telephone. It’s great for remote billing or taking card payments over the phone

The Pay729 Virtual Terminal allows staff members taking payments to enter more detailed business information such as name and address information along with the transaction reference and account numbers for greater flexibility.

You no longer need to ask customers to read you their card details when you take a "customer not present" card payment. You receive instant verification on the call that the card has been authorised and your money is paid into your bank account by your chosen payment provider.

Secure Virtual Terminal Pricing

Includes 10 seats licenses 
Monthly rolling contract
Allows multiple merchant MID from a single payment gateway to be used

*Unlimited Secure encrypted telephone minutes included landline and mobile
Portal access
Virtual terminal
Payments using the telephone handset
Accept payments instantly Stripe payment gateway
Take payments on inbound calls
Take payments on outbound calls
Call forwarding
Outbound Telephone Number (CLI) presentation
Number porting ( use your own telephone numbers)
Purchase top-up call mins bundles
Choice of number type / Toll Free
Purchase transaction logging
Full log of all telephone calls made and received

How does it work?

  1. The merchant takes the customer's call using their Pay729 telephone number
  2. When the customer wishes to pay by card over the phone, the merchant enters Name, Amount the (optionally), Address, Reference and Account numbers into the Pay729 Secure Virtual Terminal.
  3. The merchant submits the Virtual Terminal payment request and simply dials 729 using their telephone keypad and the payment process is started
  4. The customer uses their telephone keypads to securely enter their transaction details which are displayed masked on the agent Virtual Terminal screen
  5. The payment is processed in the background and the money is put into the merchant's bank account with no delay
  6. Once completed the merchant and their customer continue speaking
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** Excludes special, premium and non- geographic numbers.
A fair usage policy applies to unlimited minutes subscriptions. 

What Our Customers Say

Paytia have allowed us to remove the risk to agents handling payment card data and made it simpler to evidence the process for our FCA and GDPR reporting where payments are concerned. The Virtual Terminal application has simplified the process of collecting payments without the need for us to change our systems or telephone service.

An FCA Regulated Load Management Company
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Looking for more?

If you are looking for more features for your business, our flexible range of services allow us to integrate with your existing tools and equipment without the need to implement expensive and complicated new systems, no matter the size of your business

Woman using a payment by phone app


With our simple app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, you can start taking card payments securely on any inbound or outbound calls using a new business telephone number on your existing devices.

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Secure Virtual Terminal

Paytia's payment by phone secure online web form allows your staff to accept payments by phone during a call while the user simply enters their details using their telephone handset. The payments are all processed without ever displaying the sensitive data to your staff

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Telco and Call Centre API Integration

Integrate payment by phone services into existing applications and hardware, enable customers to enter payment details using their telephone handset, without any need to change phone numbers.

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Data Security

Paytia takes data protection seriously, as part of its corporate responsibility. Paytia holds Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and is fully complying with GDPR.