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    About Paytia

      The Paytia global payments platform


      Consumers expect the same level of card-payment security when they pay over the phone as they do online or in-store.

      Yet 90% of businesses have no effective, user-friendly way to achieve this.

      Paytia plugs that gap.

      Scalable Payments Architecture

      The Paytia global payments platform

      Underpinning the Paytia product suite is the Paytia payments platform — a globally-scalable cloud platform designed from first principles to enable flexible and secure phone-based payment-card acceptance solutions.

      Discover Secure Virtual Terminal

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      Secure phone payments made simple

      Our goal is to enable businesses to give their customers the data protection they want and increasingly expect.

      How? By making secure card payment by phone effortless, seamless and affordable for merchants of any size, so that they can provide the security and comfort that their customers need — and regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR now demand.

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