About us


Founded in 2016, Paytia has enabled businesses of all sizes simplify their compliance and payments.

The Paytia team has over 30 years of experience in PCI compliance.


Founded by compliance and payments experts, Paytia aims to transform the way businesses take payments and comply with industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, GDPR and CCPA.

Catering for businesses with just one employee taking payments up to FTSE-100 global enterprises, Paytia is the only PCI-DSS level 1 service provider offering self-service secure phone payment solutions.

Every business should be secure and safe from fraud, not just those with a large contact centre presence.

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Our Mission


We are focused and dedicated to providing a phone payment solution for companies that does not involve writing down or exposing a user's credit card number thereby exposing them to potential fraud.

Protect end customers


We are constantly told not to share our passwords or personal information, so why is a payment over the phone any different? Paytia enables all businesses to take payments without storing or hearing customer card data.

Easy PCI compliance



By using a Paytia PCI-DSS compliant solution, Paytia will take responsibility for approximately 96% of PCI compliance obligations. 

Infinitely scalable



Built on AWS, Paytia was designed from the ground up to achieve scale at speed.

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