We’re creating a world where consumers can pay over the phone without fear of card theft or fraud

Everyone knows that sharing card details with strangers is risky. Yet that is precisely what 95% of businesses insist on when they take payments over the phone.

Today’s fraud-frazzled consumers expect the same protection however and wherever they shop. Yet, despite major advances in-store and on-line, phone-based transactions remain the Cinderella of payments security. Where solutions do exist, complexity and expense put them out of reach for most businesses.

Consumer-card protection that’s so easy, why wouldn’t you offer it?

Our goal is to make customer card-data protection for payments over the phone, so effortless, seamless and affordable, that merchants of any size, large and small, can provide the security and comfort that their customers want — and regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR now demand.

Phone-based card acceptance, built for security and simplicity

Paytia’s suite of payment-card acceptance solutions are designed to fit the varied routines and processes of busy customer-facing staff, and the constraints and needs of their customers.
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At the heart of all our products are four key design principles:

  • Effortless deployment: Make it easy for merchants of any size to get started
  • Simple to use: Create confirmation, input and authorisation routines that simple
  • Readiy extensible: for merchants’ telco suppliers and payment service providers
  • Security merchants and customers can rely on
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Under the hood: The Paytia global payments platform

Underpinning the Paytia product suite is the Paytia payments platform — a globally-scalable cloud platform designed from first principles to enable the creation of flexible and secure  phone-based payment-card acceptance solutions. 

The Paytia platform combines best-of-breed telephony-integration technology with multi-payment-gateway access and workflow processes.

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