Remote working and PCI compliance

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Designed for working anywhere Paytia's products were designed to keep everyone connected no matter where they are working from, with PCI compliant technology at the very heart of it all. As working environments differ vastly between industries, Paytia's solutions were devised as a more adaptable and secure card payment process, which can be personalised to suit individual needs.

Promote a relationship of trust with your customers.


If your employees work from home or any remote location, this can pose a number of challenges for businesses that take credit card payments over the telephone. Any organisation processing credit or debit card transactions will be aware of PCI compliance and their compliancy requirements. This means that the systems you use must be secure and customers can place their trust in you when providing their valuable data details. It also enhances your reputation with acquirers and payment providers. 

If your business fails to meet PCI compliance standards, you may face a significant fine. Non compliancy could also cause damage to your reputation, loss of trust from customers and payment partners which could result in higher charges, loss of revenue and grave long term repercussions.

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Taking Payments Over the Phone with an Agent


Here's how to enable payment processing jobs from home:

  1. Agents can access Secure Virtual Terminal from home, via any laptop or desktop, through a web browser. This is hosted on the Global Paytia Payments platform which is certified as a Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider.
  2. Secure Virtual Terminal prompts the customer to enter their card details securely via their telephone keypad. The customers is guided through the transaction by an automated voice, the agent will receive audio and visual updates on the progress of the transaction.
  3. The agent can follow the entire process using their dashboard, providing assistance if required by pressing * on their phone keypad. They are informed by the platform both audio and visually when the payment is successful.

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Here's how it works:

  1. Agents can generate a unique payment URL that can be sent to the customer.
  2. It launches a secure web page, hosted in Paytia's PCI-DSS Level 1 environment, where the customers can enter their card details safely.
  3. The agent is informed immediately when payment is completed.

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How quickly can you enable taking payments for remote workers?


Depending on your payment gateway provider your businesses staff could all be working remotely and taking PCI compliant payments in minutes. Our sign up process is simple for businesses to connect Secure Virtual Terminal to your existing Stripe account.

We also support over 120+ different payment gateways, which you can see listed here.

When signing up you will gain access to an administration account. From there you will be able to send an email to your staff inviting them to sign up for an agent account.


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