Accepting payments via Secure Virtual Terminal

Add in the ability to identify which member of staff processed which transactions along with tracking, stock control, reporting and the ability to automatically email transaction receipts and other notifications to departments and the customer in real-time.  Achieved without any need for any integration into their existing systems. Connect to Worldpay and go live within 48 hours.


Step 1

Merchant using Secure Virtual Terminal requests payment. Customers enters payment details via keypad


Step 2

Merchant is shown that the customer is entering details securely. The customer's credit card details are then processed and sent to the chosen payment processor


Step 3

Merchant receives instant authorisation while on the call and is able to complete the transaction or inform the customer of type of refusal

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Protect Your Reputation and Deliver Full PCI Level 1 Compliance


Fully PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider compliant


Secured by the worlds biggest payment vendors


No more PCI non-compliant fines added to your bill


Record agent ID and Department Number


Accepts all credit card types 

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Paytia has enabled our sales staff to take payments from our customers while on the call, rather than our admin team having to call them back.

It has also allowed our business to remove the risk, by protecting customer card data by simply removing the need for my staff to ask for the details to take a payment."