WorldPay Payment by Phone Plans

Payment by phone plans are designed to suit different users who take differing about of transactions per month from the occasional user to the all you eat unlimited users there is a plan to suit.

How Pay729™ works

  • The merchant calls there customer or gets a call from there customer using their Pay729™ encrypted telephone number
  • When the customer wishes to pay the merchant simply dials 729 using their telephone keypad and the payment process is started
  • The customer and merchant use their telephone keypads to securely enter their transaction details
  • The merchant will receive instant verification on the call that the payment has been authorised, the transaction is then processed and the money is securely transferred into the merchant's bank account with no delay
  • This speedy automated process protects your customer from having to read their card details out loud over an unencrypted public phone line

Pay729™ turns your customer's telephone handset into a secure key entry system, so they can securely type in their card detail whilst on the call.

Porting is also available for those merchants who need to use there own telephone numbers. 

WorldPay 7-day free trial UK Plans. No Credit Card Required.


** 100 Secure encrypted minutes mobiles and landlines
100% Secure and Safe Payments. Payments are processed via Stripe.
No contract on monthly plan cancel anytime
No onboarding charge
Free encrypted number (chose from areas and towns)
Take payments during inbound calls
Take payments during outbound calls
Payments transferred with no delay to your payment gateway
Full log of all telephone calls made and received
Purchase transaction logging
Call forwarding
Outbound Telephone Number (CLI) presentation
Top-up call mins bundles ***
Includes all the features from Pro
**Unlimited secure encrypted mins, mobile and landline
100% Secure and Safe Payments. Payments are processed via Stripe.
No onboarding charge
Number porting (enable your own number to accept payments )
Choice of telephone number type including toll-free
Includes all the features from Pro and Business
**Unlimited secure encrypted mins, mobile and landline
Use any listed payment gateway
Choice of number type including toll-free
Number porting (use your own telephone numbers )
Transaction alerts by email
Transaction report by department
Multi-currency support
Multi-language support
Numbers available and service delivered in 52 countries
Custom development
Swipe from side to side to view all packages
** Excludes special, premium and non- geographic numbers. A fair usage policy applies to unlimited subscriptions. 
*** Extra mins available.

Frequent questions and answers

Yes, the Pay729™ service removes the need for you to have to ask your customer to read their card details to you. You do not have to be near a terminal to enter details.

Yes, choose a secure encrypted phone number for your sales and divert it to wherever you want to take calls. Or port your current number to enable it to take credit card sales. 

Pay729™ allows you to control which telephone number your calls are diverted to when customers call your Pay729™ secure payment number.

Using the paytia payment by phone service you are able to make outbound sales calls and collect payments using the same 729 methods. 

Pay729™ allows you to process all card types authorised by the payment provider associated to your Pay729™ secure payment account.

No, with a Pay729™ secure payment telephone number all you need is a telephone handset to take customer not present payments.

Paytia Pay729™ has it's ROC (Report on Compliance) registered with Visa as a member agent on an annual basis and is certified by an External QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider status.

All transactions are processed in real-time and registered to your service provider who then pays the money into your bank.

Yes, if using the enterprise version you can collect and identify which employee took a customer payment by associating an ID number to the employee.

No, with Pay729™ you no longer access, store, transmit, receive, cardholder data when taking telephone payments. Therefore, a non-compliance charge for MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments does not apply and will not be enforced. This can be verified with your payment service provider.

No one likes reading their card details over the phone. Using the Pay729™ service customers card details are protected and you are seen as going the extra step in offering a secure payment service. Happy customers mean more business! 

What Our Customers Say

Paytia has enabled the business to solve the final piece of our PCI-DSS compliance protection by removing any access to payment card data from our business when taking telephone payments. We have also been able to reduce the amount of time it takes our accounts department when dealing with reconciliation and payment queries.

A BMW Main Dealership
Read the Case Study

Looking for more?

If you are looking for more features for your business, our flexible range of services allow us to integrate with your existing tools and equipment without the need to implement expensive and complicated new systems, no matter the size of your business

Woman sending a text from her mobile phone


With our simple app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, you can start taking card payments securely on any inbound or outbound calls using a new business telephone number on your existing devices.

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Secure Virtual Terminal

Our secure online webform allows your staff to accept payments during a call while the user simply enteres their details using there telephone handset. The payments are all processed without ever displaying the sensitive data to your staff.

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Telco and Call Centre API Integration

We can integrate our secure payment services into existing applications and hardware, enabling customers to enter payment details using their telephone handset, without any need to change phone numbers.

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Data Security

Paytia takes data protection seriously, as part of its corporate responsibility. Paytia holds Level 1 PCI DSS compliance and is fully complying with GDPR.