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Upgrade to Secure Virtual Temrinal

Join hundreds of businesses using Paytia to take secure and PCI-DSS compliant payments over the phone or by link.

Compliance workload reduced by approximately 96%

Paytia takes approximatley 96% responsiblity for PCI-DSS compliance, reducing time, cost and effort it takes for your business to be compliant.


If you never have card data in the first place, you can never be accused of losing it.

Keypad data entry and Channel Separation ensure there is no room for fraudulent activity to take place.


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How it works

Secure Virtual Terminal lets you take card payments and receive authorization in real-time, during your customer call — just like you would using a card reader or a virtual  terminal.


Make or receive a call

Make or receive a phone call from your customer


Capture payment data

Capture additional customer payment data


Dial 729 (P-A-Y)

Dial 729 (PAY) on your phone keypad to start the payment process


Track card submission

Track payment card data submission with live audio and visual updates


Receive Instant Authorisation

Receive live authorization of the payment instantly while on the call.


Finish conversation with customer

You are reconnected to finish your conversation with your customer.

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