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Frequently Asked Questions

Paytia offers a secure phone payment solution, enabling businesses to process transactions without customers verbally sharing card details. Its PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant system allows various payment types, integrating seamlessly with platforms like Stripe.

  • Do I need to be PCI Compliant with Stripe?
    Absolutely. If you're not PCI compliant while using Stripe for CNP (Customer Not Present) payments, you risk data breaches and non-compliance penalties. Common mistakes include asking customers to read card details aloud during calls, not ensuring call recordings are PCI compliant, and allowing staff to overhear sensitive card data. These practices expose you to data theft and fines. Paytia's solutions safeguard against these pitfalls by removing the need for customers to vocalize card details and ensuring call recordings and staff interactions comply with PCI-DSS standards.
  • Can Paytia's solution integrate smoothly with my current Stripe setup?
    Yes, Paytia seamlessly integrates with your existing Stripe setup, enhancing your payment process without disrupting your current system. This process takes a little under 5 minutes.
  • Does using Paytia with Stripe help in achieving PCI compliance?
    Absolutely, Paytia helps in maintaining PCI-DSS compliance by securing the payment process and eliminating your business's exposure to sensitive cardholder data.
  • Will my customers find the Paytia process user-friendly?
    Yes, customers typically find Paytia’s keypad entry system straightforward and appreciate the enhanced privacy and security it offers. Speech recognition is available on request.
  • How does Paytia impact the processing fees with Stripe?
    Paytia's use with Stripe may vary your processing fees slightly, but it's often offset by the enhanced security , additional features and compliance benefits.
  • Can I still use Stripe features like recurring payments with Paytia?
    Yes, you can still use Stripe's features like recurring payments while using Paytia, ensuring a seamless payment experience.
  • What is channel separation in payment processing?
    Channel separation is a security method where the customer's payment details are entered using their phone keypad separately from the main conversation channel, enhancing data protection.
  • How does channel separation improve security?
    It prevents sensitive card information from being overheard or intercepted during a phone call, minimizing fraud risks.
  • Is channel separation compliant with PCI-DSS?
    Yes, it aligns with PCI-DSS standards by securing cardholder data during transactions.
  • Can channel separation be integrated with existing phone systems?
    Absolutely, it's designed to seamlessly integrate with phone systems.
  • Does channel separation disrupt the customer conversation?
    No, it allows the conversation to continue without interruption while the payment is processed.
  • Is training required for staff to use channel separation?
    Minimal to no training is needed, as the process is straightforward and intuitive. Repeated instructions are played to both customers and staff throughout the payment interaction.
  • Does channel separation affect the speed of transaction processing?
    Not at all. It efficiently processes transactions without compromising security.
  • Can channel separation be used for all types of payments?
    Yes, it's suitable for various payment methods, including one-time and recurring payments.
  • How does channel separation benefit the customer experience?
    It enhances customer trust by offering a more secure way to handle their sensitive data.
  • Is channel separation a costly addition to payment systems?
    It's generally a cost-effective solution, particularly considering the enhanced security and compliance benefits.
  • Is there a minimum number of users required to start using Paytia?
    You are able to start with one user if you wish. Paytia is a scalable solution and can be used in small, medium and large businesses.
  • Is there a minimum contract term?
    Yes there is a minimum contract term of 12 months.
  • How does your pricing work?
    Every business is different, but usually our pricing works in the following way: New customer setup fee A per user per month license cost A transaction processing fee
  • Can I start a free trial?
    Yes you can. If you are happy to use Stripe or another on-net Paytia partner as your payment gateway this can be facilitated.
  • Can we do a proof of concept instead of a trial?
    Yes this can be arranged
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