Take payments over telephone calls using your existing telephone handset. A simple and secure PCI compliant payment solution.

Keyphone was designed to be used with your existing telephone handset (landline or mobile.) Paytia will let you choose a new telephone number which your customers will be able to call to make a secure payment. 

Customers type in their credit card details using their telephone keypad. This means your business no longer stores or has access to customer card data. 

Keyphone is a GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant solution.

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Customer data protection made easy

  • Your customer uses their phone keypad to submit card details during your call
  • You no longer see or hear card details, but can still track submission, verification and authorization
  • You and your customer remain in touch throughout
  • Simple automated process; no training needed

paypal phone payments secured by paytia for paytia pci dss and visa


Take payment during calls. Intuitive for customers, effortless for staff

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Remove the risks and costs of old-gen approaches such as DTMF masking, pause-and-resume, without compromising customer experience

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Comply with payment-card industry standards (PCI DSS) and avoid potential fines and payment surcharges, without restricting how and where your staff work

How it works

Keyphone enables you to submit payments  to your bank and receive authorization in real-time during your customer call -- just like you would using a card reader or a virtual  terminal.

Keyphone works seamlessly with your telephony and payment provider to provide a seamless, intuitive experience


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Keyphone is easy to use. No training required. Watch this short video to see it in action


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Set up in four minutes


Keyphone can be rapidly set up to enable your business to take secure payments by phone.

  • Setup email address and password.
  • Link Stripe payment gateway.  
  • Choose your new local payment telephone number. (This will be the number your customers call to make a payment.)
  • Enter your current number. (So we can forward calls from the number above to your existing lines.)
  • Set up your subscription.

This can all be completed in under four minutes and then you are ready to take secure telephone payments.


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Take payments anytime, anywhere


Keyphone is perfect if your staff are out of the office and need to take a payment. When a call is received the staff dials 729 to start the payment process. They enter the amount and the customer is then prompted to confirm and enter their credit card details using their telephone keypad.

Much safer than reading a card number to a stranger over the phone.

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No chance for fraud


No one wants to be responsible for the security of their customers payment card details being breached.

With Keyphone you can use the customers telephone keypad to take a payment. Without the need for customers to read their credit card details over the phone.

No more post it notes and writing down a card number so you can process it in the office later.

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