Designed for busy business people on the move, Paytia Keyphone lets merchants take payments securely without having to be at a computer.

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Convenient payments by phone

Take payments securely over your mobile without missing a beat

Does your role mean you’re invariably on the road or never near a desk, but still field enquiries and take orders or bookings?

Now, using Paytia Keyphone you can take payments securely during customer calls — without having to carry any hardware or be near a computer.

From retailers, to restaurateurs, emergency repairers, mobile healthcare providers and more. Take payments while you work and before you deliver — removing all that irritating payment chasing after the event.

Convenient and secure for you and your customers

Make those calls and take payments quickly, easily and securely. You save time. Your customer knows you're protecting their data.

risky business secure payments by keyphone
trusted business secure payments by keyphone

How it works



Customer calls merchant's secure payment telephone number

(or you can call them)



When ready to take a payment you use your keypad to invoke ‘secure-payment mode’, enter the amount to be paid and any reference you may wish to add.



Meanwhile the Paytia Voice Assistant asks your customer to confirm amount and submit card details using keypad



You track progress and payment authorisation in real-time while you and your customers remain on the call

Payment Gateway Providers

Connected and ready to go

Keyphone works with all major payment gateways, enabling you to process payments directly into your merchant account.

Paytia solutions can be used as standalone products or as an integrated, solution add-ons to a growing list of telecoms partners.

For more information about our partners click here.

Our payment partners

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