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One platform to take secure card payments by phone, web, chat and video.

Protect your customers and your business from card-payment fraud, comply with data protection regulations and reduce transaction charges.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Improve Customer Experience

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Trusted by businesses and organisations worldwide.

We provide a range of PCI DSS v4.0 Level 1 compliant IVR, Contact Centre, web, videoconferencing and SMS payment solutions, hosted in our secure data centres and trusted by hundreds of clients, including…

Secure Payment Solutions

We've been on a mission since 2016 to change the way payments are taken, for better security and better customer experiences.

At Paytia, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of cloud services that empower businesses of all sizes to securely and effortlessly accept card payments. Our commitment to security and innovation sets us apart in the industry.

With our cutting-edge cloud-based platform, you can instill trust in your customers while ensuring the highest level of security for their sensitive card data. Our seamless integration capabilities enable you to start accepting payments without any disruption to your existing communication and payment service providers.

What truly makes us unique is our dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific business needs. Whether you're an owner-operator or an international enterprise, our platform is designed to scale globally, accommodating your growth and expanding payment requirements.

Does your business face any of these challenges?


Our PCI-DSS & GDPR compliant Platform can help.

Paytia's next-generation platform revolutionizes the way businesses handle phone payments. Our cloud-based solution empowers businesses of all sizes to securely accept card payments over the phone, anytime and anywhere. With seamless integration capabilities, our platform ensures compliance with PCI DSS and data protection regulations. It offers advanced features such as secure virtual terminals, keyphone for micro/small businesses, automated payments IVR, and payment links. Experience the ease and efficiency of our platform, backed by our expert team's commitment to security and innovation.

Secure Payment Solutions

  • Protect your customers' sensitive card data during phone transactions

  • Foolproof approach that requires no staff training

  • Payments cannot be taken without invoking the Paytia Secure Payment process

  • Eliminates the risk of staff members hearing or recording card data

Compliance made

  • Ensure compliance with PCI DSS and data protection regulations effortlessly

  • Paytia is independently audited as a PCI DSS Level-1 certified service provider

  • Removes the need for merchants to secure their working environments and associated systems

  • Detailed Responsibility Matrix available on request

integration and Scalability

  • Cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing providers

  • Integrate with communication and payment service providers in minutes

  • Scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, from owner-operators to international enterprises

  • Expand your payment operations globally without complications

Advanced and Customizable Solutions

  • Utilize the latest secure cloud technologies for enhanced data protection

  • Goes beyond legacy methods like DTMF masking and pause-and-resume

  • Tailor the Paytia platform to meet your specific business needs

  • Advanced business applications can be created in days, not months

Built by payment and data compliance experts.

With Paytia, you gain access to a team of payment and compliance experts. We are pioneers in payment security, safeguarding sensitive card data and staying up-to-date with the latest standards. Compliance is our forte, ensuring adherence to PCI DSS and data protection regulations. Our industry insights drive success, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead. We harness advanced technologies, adopting the latest advancements to enhance security and scalability. Partner with Paytia today and unlock our expertise for secure payments and seamless compliance. 

Trusted by industry leaders in payments, telecoms and compliance.

What Our Customers Say

"We highly recommend Paytia to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and PCI fines.”
“Paytia has helped us turn a security exposure and reputational risk into a value-enhancing opportunity. Fundraising has never been more important and Paytia has helped us achieve our goals”
"I wanted something that was as simple to set up and use as a virtual terminal but also had the flexibility to adapt as our usage and functionality needs to grow. I'm delighted to say Paytia has achieved exactly that."

Protect your business,
Improve customer experience,
Close more sales.
Reduce transaction fees.