Use your phone keypad, take payments and receive authorisation instantly during the call.


No data connection required


No card reader needed


No other extra equipment required


Just a phone handset

Simple 3 Step Process


Step 1

As soon as you’re ready to get started, we’ll ask you to complete an online form by clicking below.


Step 2

Then, one of our payment specialists will call you to help complete your application.


Step 3

You will be ready to take payments.

14-day free trial ( no credit card required )

Protect Your Reputation and Deliver Full PCI Level 1 Compliance


Fully PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider compliant


Secured by the worlds biggest payment vendors


No more PCI non-compliant fines added to your bill


Record agent ID and Department Number


Accepts all credit card types 

14-day free trial ( no credit card required )

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What our customers say

Paytia has enabled our sales staff to take payments from our customers while on the call rather than having to get our admin team to call them back.

It has also allowed our business to remove the risk protecting customer card data brings by simply removing any requirement for our staff to ask for the details to take a payment. 

Paytia fully licensed and secure payment processing products.

From small offline businesses to large organisations with multiple call centres, Paytia can help you simplify and secure your payment processing. By removing access to sensitive identity data your business streamlines the way it meets its PCI-DSS and Data Protection (including GDPR) requirements.

Pay729™ Payments by Phone


Pay729™ payment by phone allows your customers to simply and securely enter their card details during a call using their telephone keypad so they never have to divulge their credit card details insecurely.

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Woman sending a text from her mobile phone


With our simple payment by phone app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices, you can start taking card payments securely on any inbound or outbound calls using a new business telephone number on your existing devices.

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Secure Virtual Terminal

Paytia's payment by phone secure online web form allows your staff to accept payments by phone during a call while the user simply enters their details using their telephone handset. The payments are all processed without ever displaying the sensitive data to your staff.

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Telco and Call Centre API Integration

Integrate payment by phone services into existing applications and hardware, enable customers to enter payment details using their telephone handset, without any need to change phone numbers.

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