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Take payments securely during phone calls or online chat, without customers having to read out their card details.
Secure Virtual Terminal by Paytia protects them from fraud and your business from fines for non-compliance with payment-security standards (PCI DSS) and data-protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
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Protect your customers

Secure Virtual Terminal enables your business to accept credit and debit card payments over telephone calls. Customers enter their private and sensitive credit card details using their telephone keypad.

By using Secure Virtual Terminal your business will no longer need to prove how it stored customer card data. If your business doesn't have the card data to begin with, it cannot be accused of mishandling it.

  • Charge cards from your computer
    Take credit and debit card payments without asking your customer to read their card number. No extra equipment required.
  • Multiple types of payment available
    From tokenizing a card to store for future use to recurring payments. Take payments how you want with Secure Virtual Terminal.
  • Take payments 24/7, anywhere in the world
    To us, it doesn't matter where you are based, in the office, at home or even abroad. Be safe in the knowledge your payments and therefore your reputation are protected.

Are your customers still reading out their card details?

If you have to ask customers to read out their card details to take a payment over the phone, then you are putting your business and your customers at risk.

Your business could be liable for fines for failing to comply with payment security standards (PCI DSS), and privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR.

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Although some payment providers present virtual terminals as a safe way to take payments over the phone, they are NOT SECURE if you still have to ask customers to read out their details.


Three reasons to use Secure Virtual Terminal

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Comply with payment-card industry standards (PCI DSS) and avoid potential fines and payment surcharges, without restricting how and where your staff work

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Reinforce customers' trust in your business by giving them the same protection when making phone payments as they expect shopping online or in-store.


Intuitive for customers and effortless for staff, you can take any type of payment during calls — instant, recurring, reserves, etc.

Aircall + Paytia


Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal integrates with Aircall telephony to provide a simple and secure way for Aircall users to take customer payments securely during calls — without exposing them to fraud or card-data theft, and ensuring the business complies with payment-industry and data-protection requirements.

Secure Virtual Terminal is suitable for organisations of any size — from small business to large enterprise.


Aircall and Paytia integration

Avoid fines and charges for PCI DSS non-compliance


By using Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal you’re instantly descoped from onerous PCI DSS requirements and no longer at risk of fines and transaction surcharges from your bank. Exposure to the likes of GDPR and CCPA are significantly reduced too.

Secure Virtual Terminal for Aircall

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"I wanted something that was as simple to set up and use but also had the flexibility to adapt as our usage and functionality needs to grow. I'm delighted to say Paytia has achieved exactly that."


— Alison Wade , Head of income and performance, Pinnacle Group

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Paytia is a Level 1 ( the highest ) Payment Card Industry Data Service Provider.


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