Aircall payments by phone

Secure Virtual Terminal for Aircall allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing Aircall account.


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Virtual Terminal for Aircall


Aircall Secure Phone Payments

Secure phone payments made simple

Paytia makes it easy for any business — from sole trader to large enterprise — to take Aircall payments by phone. 

By enabling you to better protect your customer’s card details, we help you build customer trust, comply with payment-security and data-protection regulations like PCI DSS, CCPA and GDPR and avoid potentially penal transaction-charges or fines from your bank.

A secure cloud-based service integrated with major payment providers, Secure Virtual Terminal is effortless to deploy, easy to configure to your specific needs and simple to use


How to get started with Aircall


Aircall + Paytia


Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal integrates with Aircall telephony to provide a simple and secure way for Aircall users to take customer payments securely during calls — without exposing them to fraud or card-data theft, and ensuring the business complies with payment-industry and data-protection requirements.

Secure Virtual Terminal is suitable for organisations of any size — from small business to large enterprise.


Aircall and Paytia integration
Secure telephone payments

Give your customers the protection they expect

Consumers expect the same level of card-payment security when they pay over the phone as they do online or in-store. Which means never having to disclose their card details. Secure Virtual Terminal plugs that gap


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Compliant Aircall Phone Payments

Avoid fines and charges for PCI DSS non-compliance

By using Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal you’re instantly descoped from onerous PCI DSS requirements and no longer at risk of fines and transaction surcharges from your bank. Exposure to the likes of GDPR and CCPA are significantly reduced too.

Secure Virtual Terminal for Aircall

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Paytia is a Level 1 ( the highest ) Payment Card Industry Data Service Provider.


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