Secure card payments over the phone

The evolution of phone payments


Say goodbye to insecure business payments with a single platform that makes it simple, quick and secure to collect money from your customers over telephone, chat, video or the web.


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Secured by Paytia
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Paytia is changing the way people pay over the phone.


Our solutions are built with payment security in mind. Customers can enter their sensitive and private payment card details without needing to read them aloud. Now, using Paytia, they can type them in securely using their phone keypad.

What is Secure vs Insecure? Which is your business model?

SECURE is a customer NOT REVEALING their PAYMENT CARD details when paying.

INSECURE is a customer HAVING TO REVEAL their PAYMENT CARD details when paying.


Protect your business


Your business needs to be protected. By using Paytia you remove all cardholder data from your business networks and systems.

Your reputation is important, it will be impacted if you lose or mishandle your customers' card data. Safeguard it by protecting your customers' card details from fraudulent activity or misuse.


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Comply with data protection regulations


Every business will have responsibility to adhere to local data protection regulations and guidelines. A costly and time consuming process.

Paytia makes it really easy for you by taking approximately 96% of responsibility for PCI-DSS. Paytia also helps businesses comply with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA.


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Improve your customer experience


Promote a relationship of trust between your business and its customers. Paytia enables your customers to feel like they are valued and protected.

You can also take multiple different payment types to make it really easy for your customers to pay you.


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"We highly recommend Paytia to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and PCI fines.”
Craig Nammontri
Total Tiles
“I was able to get Paytia up and running — connected to my telephony and to Stripe, my preferred payment provider, by myself in minutes.”
Trinity Hall
James Adamcheski-Halson
Trinity Hall Cambridge
“Here was a solution that finally ticked all our boxes — and met our bank client’s substantial security and compliance controls.”
Paula Griffiths
International Currency Exchange
"I wanted something that was as simple to set up and use as a virtual terminal or a point-of-sale card reader - but also had the flexibility to adapt as our usage and functionality needs to grow. I'm delighted to say Paytia has achieved exactly that."
Alison Wade
Pinnacle Group

Drop us a message and one of our Secure Payments Specialists would be happy to help.


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