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Channel Seperation

The Paytia Secure Payment process protects consumers' sensitive authentication card data during calls using a process referred to as “channel separation”.

Paytia’s channel-separation approach was developed in response to shortcomings recognised in “DTMF masking”. DTMF masking allows buyer and seller to remain conversing throughout the call while the buyer submits their details using the keypad, and the seller cannot distinguish what tones are being typed.


Keypad Data Entry

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Works anywhere

Paytia enables your staff to take payments compliantly from wherever they are working. At home, in the office or in the field, it doesn't matter to us.


No training required for staff or customers

The Paytia voice assistant guides both the customer and the agent through the secure payment process. Using a solution with DTMF masking requires the agent to be trained to train the customer on how to take a payment. 

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