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Channel Separation

We keep your payments secure using 'Channel Separation'. Paytia believes this approach is much more secure than outdated approaches such as 'DTMF masking' and 'Pause and resume' solutions.

Channel Separation

We Highly Recommend Channel Separation for Secure Payments.

Channel separation offers numerous advantages for all parties involved in payment transactions. Here's why it's the preferred choice over legacy methods such as DTMF masking and pause & resume solutions:

  1. Enhanced Security: With channel separation, callers are never in a position where they need to disclose their card details unless they're in a secure environment, away from the agent. This ensures sensitive information remains confidential.

  2. Simplified User Experience: Both agents and customers benefit from a streamlined process. There's no need for extensive training, making rollout swift, and minimizing agent training requirements. Customers consistently receive the same clear instructions during every payment call, eliminating the need for agents to explain the system on each call.

  3. Reduced Pressure: Agents no longer need to push customers for progress updates during the call. This removes any pressure on cardholders, creating a more relaxed payment experience.

  4. Protection Against Recording Errors: Channel separation prevents accidental recording of card data if the cardholder reads it aloud while typing. This ensures that sensitive card information remains secure.

  5. Continuous Recording: Our system ensures uninterrupted call recording by maintaining comfort messages and hold music throughout the payment process. There are no gaps in the recording, providing clear evidence of compliance.

  6. Real-time Feedback: Agents stay informed about their cardholder's progress with both audible and visual feedback for every key press made by the customer.

By choosing channel separation, you're prioritizing security, simplicity, and a seamless experience for your customers and agents alike.

The benefits of Channel Separation

Data Protection

Enhanced Security

No Training Required

By separating payment data from voice communication channels, sensitive card information remains isolated, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or interception.

Channel separation ensures that card data is transmitted through a secure channel, mitigating the vulnerabilities associated with traditional methods like DTMF masking.

The process of channel separation is foolproof and intuitive, eliminating the need for staff training to prevent accidental exposure of card data.

PCI DSS Compliance

Maintained Customer Experience

Real-time Protection

Channel separation aligns with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), reducing the scope of compliance and minimizing the need for elaborate security measures.

Both buyers and sellers remain engaged throughout the payment process, leading to a positive customer experience without compromising security.

Channel separation immediately safeguards sensitive data, preventing inadvertent leaks or unauthorized access during the payment interaction.

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