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Secure Virtual Terminal


Secure Virtual Terminal offers a simple and effortless way to take payments over the phone without customers having to disclose card details — protecting them from fraud and increasing their trust in your business.


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Secure Virtual Terminal

Take card payments over the phone securely and effortlessly

Secure Virtual Terminal enables card payments to be made during customer calls without your customer having to disclose their payment card details.

Secure Virtual Terminal reinforces customer trust and protects your business from the risk of increased transaction charges and fines.

A secure cloud-based service, it’s simple to deploy and easy to use — whether you’re a sole trader or large enterprise.

Secure Virtual Terminal payments by phone


How Secure Virtual Terminal works

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Equipment required
Your existing telephone, a computer and an internet connection. No card reader required.
Trust is key
Secure Virtual Terminal allows you to take payments without your customers having to read their private and sensitive credit card details over the phone. With Virtual Terminal customers type in their credit card details using their telephone keypad. Staff can monitor the transaction via their computer screen.
Better for customers
Customers appreciate the added security provided when they are connected to Paytia's secure and encrypted line to make their payments.
Card numbers are not stored in call recordings or written on pieces of paper anymore, therefore protecting the cardholder from misuse of their personal information.
Better for vendors
Businesses can take payments using their existing telephony infrastructure.
Paytia de-scopes business environments from PCI DSS regulations and audit requirements, and avoids them from being targeted by hefty non-compliance charges.
PCI Compliance, without the cost
Using Secure Virtual Terminal allows your business to take PCI compliant payments by phone. Customers enter their details using their telephone keypad.
Your business will not store cardholder data. Helping maintain PCI compliance.
The Solution
Secure Virtual Terminal is a solution that securely collects card payment information on telephone calls from cardholders using their telephone keypad.
This service enables merchants to meet their PCI-DSS obligations for customer not present transactions by outsourcing the responsibility to payment information collection to Paytia, a secure PC1 Level 1 vendor licensed by VISA. 

Virtual Terminal v Secure Virtual Terminal


There are key differences between a traditional 'Virtual Terminal' and a Secure Virtual Terminal.

A Virtual Terminal will require staff to ask their customer to read their credit card details over the phone. The agent will then enter the card details into a payment form.

A Secure Virtual Terminal enables payments to be taken over the phone without customers having to read their card details to a member of staff. The customer simply enters their private and sensitive credit card details using their telephone keypad. A Secure Virtual Terminal is provided by Paytia, a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider.

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"We highly recommend Paytia to any business wanting to enable distributed and remote working whilst removing the risk and uncertainty of a potential data breach, fraud and PCI fines.”
Total Tiles
“In a competitive service-led business, it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Paytia enables us to reinforce our reputation for integrity and trust — and ensure we're compliant with PCI DSS and GDPR requirements”
Stephen James Group
"Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal has helped us meet multiple compliance obligations — all of which can result in substantial fines if not met. It has also simplified the process of collecting payments without the need for us to adapt systems or change telephone services."
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Paytia is a Level 1 ( the highest ) Payment Card Industry Data Service Provider.


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