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UK Insurance Case Study

The partnership between Paytia and a large, highly reputed travel insurance provider in the UK, one of the many call centres Paytia supports, is a significant example of how technology and customer-centric strategies can synergize to enhance business operations and customer satisfaction. Here's a closer look at this collaboration:


Reputation: Known as the UK's most trusted travel insurance provider.

Customer Care Focus: Prides itself on exceptional customer care.

Awards and Recognition: Among its accolades is the prestigious "Customer Champion of the Year" from the Insurance Times Awards.

Role of Paytia

Secure Payments: Paytia provides a secure payment solution for this 700-seat call centre, securing over £150 million in transactions so far, and it is crucial for their sales operations.

Meeting Customer Expectations: The collaboration ensures that the high standards of customer care that this insurance provider is known for are upheld, particularly in the sensitive area of payment processing.

The Impact

Trust and Security: By partnering with Paytia, this customer-focused insurance company reinforces its commitment to customer security, particularly in handling sensitive financial transactions.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Secure and efficient payment processing is vital to customer satisfaction, which is especially important for a company awarded for its customer service.

Operational Efficiency: Paytia's solutions streamline payment processes, making them more efficient and less prone to errors. Thus, the company and its customers benefit.

Brand Reputation: Collaborating with a technology provider known for secure payments helps the insurance provider strengthen its position as a trusted and customer-focused insurance provider.

Background Requirements

Target Demographic: Catering to an older customer demographic required a simple interface the customers would be familiar with (the telephone keypad) for secure card capture.

Data Security Concern: Traditional phone payment methods exposed risks of data breaches and compromised customer information security.

Seasonal Surges: Seasonal business trends.


Paytia's Secure Telephony Solution: Customers input their card information using the telephone keypad, eliminating the need to disclose sensitive details verbally and removing the need to call centre agents to re-type sensitive data into bank virtual terminals.

PCI-DSS Compliance: Paytia ensures the insurance provider meets the strict security standards for protecting payment card data.

Call Centre Operation Benefits

Enhanced Data Security: Limits potential data breaches and fraudulent activities by preventing agents from accessing card data

PCI-DSS Standards Compliance: Avoids legal issues and penalties, bolstering credibility in customer data handling.

Seamless Payment Process: Keypad data entry minimizes errors and speeds up payment, leading to quicker policy issuance.

Increased Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Showcases a commitment to data security, building customer trust and loyalty.

Streamlined Payment Process: Efficient direct input reduces manual errors and saves time.

Faster Policy Issuance: Quickly capturing and confirming payments streamlines the policy issuance process.

Cost Savings: Lowers expenses related to data breaches, fraud investigations, and compliance penalties.

Competitive Advantage: Distinguishes the provider from competitors using less secure payment collection methods.

Reduced agent security training: Paytia's built-in verbal and written instructions plus the removal of access to card data means the service can be used with little or not training.

Remote working as standard: The Paytia service is activated on the telephone call itself, allowing agents to work from an office or a remote, home working location.

Solution: Paytia's Flexible PCI Level 1 Platform

Dynamic Agent Allocation: Utilizing Paytia's platform, the insurance provider was able to add agent names across different shifts, adapting to the fluctuating demand.

Unique Agent Payment System: A key feature of the solution was the ability to pay only for each unique agent who processed a payment. This meant that the insurance provider could have a larger pool of agents available for peak times without the financial burden of a fixed cost per agent.

Cost-Effective Staffing: The insurance provider optimised staffing costs by paying only for active agents who process payments.

Scalability: The system allowed for rapidly scaling resources up or down in response to seasonal demand changes.

Flexibility in Shift Management: The insurance provider could efficiently manage agent shifts, ensuring coverage during peak times without overstaffing during slower periods.

Enhanced Service Delivery: The ability to increase agent availability during high-demand periods improved customer service.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlined payment processing, even with fluctuating staff numbers, and maintained operational efficiency.


The relationship between Paytia and this award-winning insurance company illustrates how strategic partnerships can significantly enhance service quality and operational efficiency. By prioritizing customer care and secure transactions, the insurance company maintains its esteemed status in the industry and sets a benchmark for others in integrating technology with customer-centric approaches. This implementation demonstrates the importance of aligning technological solutions with core business values to achieve excellence in customer service and operational effectiveness.


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