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Paytia estimates that 90% of organizations do not have the controls and systems to take payment securely during customer calls. This not only undermines trust among consumers that, expect security to be similar irrespective of how they pay, but also puts these merchants at risk of payment surcharges and fines for non-compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

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Paytia wanted to deliver rapid, scalable and repeatable services. To do this we had to deliver -

  1. Self-service sign up and management interfaces allowing businesses to activate and change their own Paytia service.

  2. Common customer experience. This provided a set of easy to follow instructions in multiple languages with the same set of questions and commands a customer would hear and interact with.

  3. Intuitive agent screens and audio instructions to remove the need for training of business users and allow rapid rollout of Paytia payment services.

Paytia further extends payment security to better meet the demand for zero trust, zero risk payment processing.

Traditional key entry payment processing solutions leave the audio connection to the card holder open during the payment process. Compliance being a risk based barometer for a business sees any opportunity where sensitive data could be requested by a business user during payment as a risk.

Paytia removes the risk by separating the voice path between the cardholder and business agent during payment processing ensuring payments can only be completed if Paytia has received card data in a secure connection to only the card holder.

Paytia Payments Platform
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Secure Virtual Terminal


A virtual terminal, but instead it's secure and compliant.


Take phone payments with confidence using Secure Virtual Terminal.

Our secure and PCI-DSS-compliant solution is superior to traditional virtual terminals as it eliminates the need for customers to read their card details out loud.

Stay compliant with GDPR while streamlining your payment process.

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Link to Pay for phone payments


Payment Links


Send 3D-secure payment links over email, SMS and chat.

Standalone, or add-on to Secure Virtual Terminal.


Send secure payment links to your customers with Paytia.

PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant, our 3D secure-enabled solution allows you to send payment links over email, SMS, and chat for hassle-free payments. Perfect for customers who prefer not to speak on the phone. Give your customers peace of mind with Paytia's secure payment page and convenient payment process. Get started today!


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Auto-Pay small


Automated Payments IVR


Automated phone payments 24/7/365


Standalone, or add-on to Secure Virtual Terminal.


Streamline your payment process with Safe pau IVR. Offer your customers a convenient and secure way to pay over the phone without having to share sensitive card information.

Comply with PCI-DSS and GDPR regulations with ease, while also saving time and reducing manual effort for your business. 


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