The Paytia Platform


The Paytia secure payment solutions platform as a service (PaaS)  bridges the telephony and data worlds offering card holders the ability to pay businesses over telephone calls using only their telephone keypad as secure key entry devices. 

Paytia wanted to deliver rapid, scalable and repeatable services. To do this we had to deliver -

  1. Self-service sign up and management interfaces allowing businesses to activate and change their own Paytia service.
  2. Common customer experience. This provided a set of easy to follow instructions in multiple languages with the same set of questions and commands a customer would hear and interact with.
  3. Intuitive agent screens and audio instructions to remove the need for training of business users and allow rapid rollout of Paytia payment services.
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Paytia further extends payment security to better meet the demand for zero trust, zero risk payment processing.

Traditional key entry payment processing solutions leave the audio connection to the card holder open during the payment process. Compliance being a risk based barometer for a business sees any opportunity where sensitive data could be requested by a business user during payment as a risk.

Paytia removes the risk by separating the voice path between the cardholder and business agent during payment processing ensuring payments can only be completed if Paytia has received card data in a secure connection to only the card holder.


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Budget vs a blank cheque

Paytia provides a set cost for secure compliant payment processing. Paytia takes on the outsourced responsibility of processing and protecting cardholder data.

Paytia’s business customers in term benefit from a fixed budgeable cost for processing secure payments.

Without a secure payment processing service a business has to manage the continual adaptation and cost of change to meet 


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Paytia is a Level 1 ( the highest) Payment Card Industry Data Service Provider.


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