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2 min read

How to Take Credit Card Payments by Phone

It's such a common practice that we scarcely think about the mechanics of the process or the complexity of the regulations that govern it.The Rise of the Credit CardIntroduced to the UK in 1966 by Barclays, credit cards were originally only used in...

2 min read

Benefits of payment by phone

In many ways, the telephone call is the ideal way to talk to your customers - because it is more personal, freeform and adaptable than any other...

Typing credit card details with telephone keypad

4 min read

Accepting telephone payments

Gone - in fact, long gone - are the days of businesses built purely on walk-in trade. High streets began to struggle in the 1980s with the advent of...

2 min read

The security-compliance risks of home-working

One year after the first lockdown, almost half of businesses plan tocontinue allowing team members to work at home full-time and 82% will probably...

4 min read

Working from home? No, you can't keep card details on a Post-IT!

Our data privacy and security laws were drafted with traditional offices and computers in mind, but even before the ink was dry on the GDPR...

3 min read

What the twelve requirements of PCI DSS compliance ask of your business

Card fraud is damaging for everyone; for customers who have to negotiate getting their stolen money recompensated, the merchants who suffer financial...

Payments by phone PCI compliance

3 min read

Why you should care about PCI DSS compliance

If your business or organisation takes payment by card or handles customers' financial information, you need to make sure that you are PCI DSS...

Call centre solution for pci compliance

3 min read

Taking card details over phone: how to keep your customer data safe

It's an unfortunate fact that with the increasingly digitised nature of today's trading environment, there is also the constant spectre of threat...

Take safer MOTO payments using a telephone keypad

3 min read

What you need to know about MOTO payments

When you're looking to start trading online, or perhaps expanding into home delivery or other services, it's vital that you understand how different...