How do I add an API key on Paytia?

Generate a API key for your Paytia account

The Paytia service requires API keys to be generated if your business or developers are integrating new services to Paytia merchant accounts.

The API key specifies the merchant account on the Paytia platform that an application will utilise when sending data to Paytia.

The API key is a licenced product and when active allows the Paytia customer to generate their own API keys from their Paytia administrative console.

API Secret Key

The API key is generated in the
> Configure user screen > API Secret Key (submenu)

Adding the API settings

You can choose to restrict access to your account by IP address as well as API key. Enter the AIP address your application will be connecting to Paytia from.

All you need to do is pick the webhook settings output type

Single JSON data - this will give the output as one string of data

Multiple JSON data - this will separate each field sent as a new line of data in the JSON

Now click Save to activate your API key and settings on your account.

You will see your KEY is saved and active.

You can delete and recreate the KEY when ever you like from this settings page.