What are the alternative telephone-routing options for using Paytia with Aircall?

Telephone number call-routing options for inbound calls

Aircall call divert options

To enable your telephone number to route over the Paytia aircall service you will need to divert the telephone number on aircall that your customers call into.

Option 1

To do this you will need to set your telephone number up on aircall as an IVR menu.

Example number setting for an IVR menu

Once you have assigned your telephone number you can then create a divert for when your caller presses a key i.e. press 1 to place an order

You will now set the action for the 1 key press to go to an external telephone number.

  1. Choose the key you will assign the menu option to.
  2. Change the Option type to "Forward to external number".
  3. Enter your Paytia secure telephone number in the Forward to external number box.
  4. Click Save.

Example external divert setting

In the settings menu for your IVR ensure call recording is disabled.

This will ensure you are not capturing any credit card number digits into your call recordings.

You can enable call recording on the Classic number settings where you assign your agents to answer telephone calls.

On Paytia

You can now setup the telephone number you want Paytia to forward your calls to so your agents can answer those calls.

In the https://aircall4.pay729.net/merchant/managenumbers menu you can set the telephone number for your aircall agent group in the “Where we send customer incoming calls” option.

Example of the Paytia configure payment line setting

Now when your customers call, they will hear a message on aircall giving them the option to press a key on their telephone keypad which will forward the call automatically to your Paytia secure payment number. Paytia will automatically forward your call back to your aircall users group so calls can be answered and are now running over the Paytia secure payment line.

Option 2

Number port. If you want your calls to start on Paytia we can assist with porting your published aircall telephone number to the Paytia platform. Now when calls ring your main number calls will be automatically received into Paytia. Paytia will then forward these calls out to your aircall user group to be answered.