Call records

This section is used for accessing information on telephone calls or transactions processed.

This article outlines the call records category and how to configure.

It covers the following:

Contents of call records

On the left-hand side of the Paytia platform you will see a category named Reports and alerts, click here and sub-menus will appear. Please click on the sub-menu named Call records.

This report shows the telephone call details captured.

If you have a Paytia package without the call reporting licence, then you will not see this menu option.

If you have the call reporting licence included in your package you will see the additional controls to filter the report by date, transaction type and to export the full or filtered search you have run.

Columns in the report



This is the uniqueID of the call that took a transaction or came into the Paytia system.

Call From

This is the telephone number that was calling the Paytia secure payment number of your business.

Call To (Paytia)

This is the Paytia secure payment number your business chose.

Call To

This is the telephone number Paytia called out to.

Start Time

This is the call start time Paytia received the initial call leg at.

End Time

This is the end time of when the telephone call finished.


This is the difference between the start and the end time therefore representing the duration the call lasted.


This is the time elapsed between the start time of the call and when the call was answered by your business.



Export, search and filter

The export all option produces a Microsoft Excel file with all your call records in it.

The show all entries button allows you to see more than 10 rows of call data per page being viewed on the Paytia portal.

The search box allows you to search across any of the information on the call record. You can use this to view only the calls from certain telephone numbers.