How can I make outbound calls to Paytia from a withheld number?

Allow users to call out to customers from a withheld number

To set up a dedicated telephone number agents will call Paytia from withheld numbers you need two settings configured.

1. Purchase a new additional telephone number.

2. Assign the new dedicated telephone number to users.


1. Purchase an additional telephone number

If your Paytia package supports the purchase of additional telephone numbers you can use the 'Buy More Numbers' feature to pick and assign a new telephone number to your Paytia account.

Buy more numbers can be accessed from the

page of the Paytia Administration portal.

a) Log into the Paytia administration portal

b) Click on the Configure telephony menu item

c) Click on the Payment line sub-menu item.

d) Click on the (Buy more numbers) button

e) Now you can pick a new number from the list displayed by ticking the number you wish to purchase.

f) Once you have chosen your new telephone number click the 'Click here to continue' button

g) Now you will see the summary billing page for you to approve the number purchase.

h) Click the 'Submit'  button to complete your purchase. 

i) You will see a final confirmation screen for you to confirm your purchase.

j) Click the 'Confirm' button to proceed or the 'No' button to cancel.

k) You will complete the setup of your number next. On the Payment line sub-menu page, you will now see an Additional number section at the bottom of the page. 


2. Assign the new dedicated telephone number to users.

To enable the service you must now assign the new telephone number to the users you wish to call into Paytia from withheld numbers.

(Withheld means when a customer sees your business calling them no telephone number shows up on their telephone screen. Sometimes the customer would see 'Private number' calling.)

To assign the number to your users follow these steps.

a) Go to the 'Administer users' menu

b) Click on the 'Assign user number' sub-menu

or click here if you are already logged into the Paytia administration portal.

c) you will see the new telephone number you purchased.

d) Select the individual users you will assign this service to or check the 'All users'  option to select all the users in one go.

e) Click the 'Submit'  button to make the new service live.

f) The users you assigned the new telephone number to will now see this as their new dedicated dial into Paytia number. This number will be automatically shown on the user's Paytia Secure Virtual Terminal so there is no need to change any processes the user will follow when making outbound calls.