How do I change the file type of the daily transaction report?

Changing your report settings

This article outlines the report setting category and how to configure.

It covers the following:


How to add or remove a file type from the daily transaction report

To add or remove a file type to the daily report you have to login to the merchant portal. Once logged in there is a page located under the sub-menu Settings on the left-hand side. Under this sub-menu you will see Report settings, click here.

Once you've found Report settings, the page should show you a section labelled Choose which report file format to send. From here, you can choose which file type your daily transaction report will be sent to.

There are two types of file formats to pick from;

  • PDF
  • CSV (Comma separated values)

When you have finally chosen which format as your preference, reports will arrive on midnight to the Merchant's email.