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How do I enable customers to call my existing phone number and still take payments?

In this article we explain the three ways to enable you to set up your telephony so that you can take secure card payments on incoming calls

Configuring telephony for incoming calls

There are three ways to enable Paytia on your incoming calls:

1. Publish your new Paytia number

Instruct customers to call your new Paytia number.

Paytia will automatically route those calls onto the destination of your choice.

This scenario works well when you have, for example, a dedicated payment line.

how to connect Paytia to incoming calls 1-1

2. Instruct your phone company to forward calls to Paytia

If you already have a published number on which customers reach you and you don't want to change it, you can ask you telephone company — your carrier or the company that provides your business numbers — to forward calls from your existing phone number to your new Paytia number.

This is a standard service that all phone companies offer.

You will need to ensure that the number to which Paytia then forwards your calls is different to the one that customers dial.

Alternatively you can ask your phone company to port your number to Paytia.

how to connect Paytia to incoming calls 2-3

3. Divert payment-related calls from your PBX to Paytia

If you have an automated phone system handling incoming calls then you can configure it to send any payment-related calls — for example to the Sales or Accounts team — to your new Paytia number.

Paytia will automatically route those calls back to the relevant department number.

For this option you will need:

  1. Extensions with externally-reachable numbers ("DDIs")
  2. To ensure that call recording is only set up on the agent side of your PBX so you don't record the leg that connects to Paytia.
  3. A cloud-based PBX from a reputable phone company. This is not suitable for legacy 'on-site PBXs.

how to connect Paytia to incoming calls 3-1

Contact Paytia Support if you have any questions about telephony configuration.