How do I upload my company logo?

Using your company logo on Link 2 Pay pages

If you want to use your own company logo on the webpage that your customers see when confirming the payment and entering their payment card details then this can be carried out from the Paytia portal using your Paytia administrator account.


Logon at Paytia Admin portal


Replace the Paytia logo with your company logo

Click on the Choose button to open the image selection tool allowing you to upload your logo.

Note: Please upload image in proper size (min 200x100 px)

The selector will open your desktop file explorer where you can select the file you wish to you. The logos need to be in a rectangular format.

When your logo is showing you can drag your cursor to select the parts of the logo you wish saved. You will see small boxes on each edge that can be dragged to increase the capture size.


When you are happy with the selection. Click to save.

Now click the Save button to complete the task.