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How do I use the test platform?

This article will guide you on how to use a test gateway within the Paytia platform


When signed into your admin account of Paytia's portal you will have a category on the left-hand side named Manage payments, click here and you will see a sub-category named Payment gateway setup

During the set up wizard you will have been asked to connect to your account with your payment service provider or bank. Here you can:

  • Add more accounts
  • Rename the displayed name for your account(s) — for example: "Main business account"
  • Add additional payment service providers and accounts (Enterprise edition only)

Test mode setting

To turn on the test mode setting, click on the far-right of the page on this icon.

To turn off the test mode setting, click on the far-right of the page on this icon.

Adding extra accounts

Whilst on the Payment gateway setup page you can add an extra account via the button on the far-right. This button adds a new payment gateway connector to the Paytia service. This can be a new payment gateway merchant account or the same one.


When you have a gateway connected there are 3 actions you have to consider -

1. Re-sync Account - Re-syncing the account will take you back to the payment onboarding process where you can enter your payment gateway login details.

Whilst in test mode (via Stripe) as your payment gateway you will get an option to skip the payment gateway ~ Skipping this form will retrieve a generic test API key from Stripe. (Note you will not be able to log into Stripe to see transaction if you choose this option)

If you wish to connect a current payment gateway you can, from the list for Stripe

2. Disable Connection - Disables the connection of the desired payment gateway, which in turn will show you the following on your actions list for your payment gateway.

3. Edit Gateway - Allows you to add a new nickname to your gateway. Nicknames appear in the Gateway dropdown list in the Secure Virtual Terminal.

Primary Gateway - The primary gateway is a default gateway Paytia will use to process payments when no value is selected. This mainly affects the API service. If Paytia doesn’t receive a completed merchant code value in the INIT API post Paytia will default to sending the payment using the default payment gateway associated to the Paytia portal merchant account.


Payments between Live & Test mode